Saturday, September 13, 2014

"Anna Brahms Dolls"

As you know I love dolls. Dolls of all kinds, but especially ones by artists. Anna Brahms,, is an especially gifted artist doll maker.

Several years ago I posted one of her Jewish dolls. I thought I would find her site, and put up more. Mind you she does all sorts of subjects..fantasy traditional etc. However these haunting pieces stayed with me.

I remember at the time I first post Anna's work a dear friend pointed out Israels cruelty to her neighbors. This is undeniable. However these images of Jewish girls from the 1940's are not one with the madness of 21st century middle-east nations, and movements.

In fact it would be good, and moving if someone made contemporary Palestinian dolls to stand next to Anna's Holocaust dolls. The world of dolls is magical. In that realm they speak to each other.

I think Anna's dolls, and the Palestinian dolls might find they have things in common.

Stay Tuned.

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