Tuesday, September 9, 2014

"Fuck this Shit!"

Was confined to bed for the whole weekend into today. I'm up, and about finally. Wow had the holy crap kicked out'a me by them new meds. Seems I took the wrong dosage, and literally over dosed.

Neither fun nor funny.

Vertigo, and I don't mean the movie. Serious tons of that, and gallons of nausea. Fun it was not. Did I mention the five alarm headaches. Anyway I seem somewhat ambulatory again.

Good fucking Grief!

Gee guess I'll read my Doc's instructions next time huh? I'm telling you right now I ain't about to go fucking "Peaceful into the Quiet Good Night" or whatever the hell it sez.

I'm gonna be screaming kicking a fuss, and suing every inch of the way! 

Stay Tuned.


  1. Well if it's any comfort to you, I had a nasty bug this weekend too and am still not quite recovered from it. Had some serious puking incidents on Saturday - NOT the way I'd planned to spend that day.

    So take careful care of yerself, & let's get those flu shots.


  2. Tis' the season!

    Yuck my head still aches still a touch of dizziness. Ain't we got fun. I'm battling on the phone with my hospital to get the right meds. They lost some of my paperwork in their computer somewhere, and I have to come in to do everything all over again.

    My dear comrades ain't we in the clover!

    Please rest, and take care of yourself. After all as the Great Helmsman would say, "...Socialism Needs You!" If not that certainly your pals do. Peace through free Tuition!