Wednesday, September 17, 2014

"My Witness for Peace"

As you may remember some weeks back I posted about my plans for doing a one person "Witness for Peace" next to the Gandhi statue over in Union Square Park. Well work continues on the project. The legalities the banner, and assistance from pals.

I'm legal as a two dollar bill as long as I don't block sidewalk traffic or cause maybe no leaflet we'll see. As for the banner working on a few different designs I'll post the sketches if I ever get around to figuring out how to install my scanner...and a few other things.

Ya know gang this is 'not' the sort of thing I do. I'm no extravert not even a little. However things have gone so bleeping nuts in the world that I have to 'do' something.  A lot of folks feel this way. As a pal said in the comments the other day, "...we're in a very bad patch of History right now."

You bleeping said it.

I stopped watching the news, and don't read the papers anymore. Such is the feeling of helplessness. The murderers, and madmen are having their way,...again. That, and the world watches, and mostly does 'Nothing',...again.

I had a waking dream that I was a body thrown onto a pile of others, and more piled on me. Pretty rough as visions go. So I'm more determined than ever to just go, and stand with our old buddy Gandhi. 

Yeah yeah he wasn't a total Saint. If you look into the weird personal crap of 'anyone' you'll find seriously disturbing bleep.

So what.

We take our Saints where, and when we can get them so there. Anyway that's what's going on. I figure I'll just stand there for a few hours, and do my Peace thing then go to Chinatown for dumplings with my pals like good peaceniks. might stop at the Comix book shop on the corner first.

Stay Tuned.


  1. Sydney,
    Gandhi was a human primate just like us. Maybe one of these days if we keep trying we will get to determine how society should be rather than the other way around like it is now: Society determines how we should be. That is totally backwards.

    Hope you get to stand by our pal Gandhi. Imagine the girls who kept him warm at night standing there with you two.

  2. Yeah those girls...did they have any real choice I wonder. Some Saints have troubled secrets. In his culture at the time this wasn't a sin. Still it's a big deal to us. The Aztecs would think us sinful because we don't sacrifice living people to our g-ds.

    I guess the wine, and wafer wouldn't cut it with them, to speak.

    Still as I sez we take our Saints, and g-ds where we can get them, and count ourselves lucky to have'em.

    Stay Tuned.