Wednesday, September 17, 2014

"A Mystery"

The above is an apparent "Stigmata" event on my forearm. I can't believe this noise. Look what happened was I was laying in bed thinking...that's where I do my best stuff btw. Anyway there I am just after I posted the "Witness for Peace" post below.

Umm..a connection there?

Well I decide to get up, and get dinner going when I notice letters on the underside of my forearm. "WTF?!!"

You ain't kidding.

"I-H-T" or "T-H-I" read the other way. You know how your sheets or pillow make crinkle marks on your body when you sleep? Well this time I got clear letters.  I checked the bed for anything that could have made these impressions...then the floor to see if anything could have fallen on the floor that could have done this...'nothing'.


Holy Fuck!!!  What the hell is going on. the damned thing didn't fade for hours. The regular bed impressions long since evened out, and left, but these guys stuck around. I guess just to make their point.

I've gone over, and over this mess. Nothing on or under the bed. Nothing on my person. What could it be? Where on Earth did this come from?

Like the title of the old 1930's radio show "I Love a Mystery".

Stay Tuned.



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