Saturday, May 31, 2014

"Your Esteemed Editor"

Yep that's me alright. In the photo as maybe I dunno,...five? In the illustration as nine. Hey was I a cutie or what. The drawing was for a book I was doing on commission back in the mid-1970's somewhere.

It fell through, and most of the drawings were lost or lifted over the centuries. Aw what the heck business is business.

Stay tuned.

"The Art of Kimi Schaller"

I've been looking for this artist for a few years on the 'net. Finally found her on Deviant Art. 

...go here

The bottom painting is the first of her work I stumbles upon. 'Been looking for more ever since.

Seriously wonderful work!

"The Half Angel Returns"

The thing about characters you create is that after a while they take on lives of their own. This is true no matter if you're a pro or entry level story hacker. My beloved character "Timmy Tom" certainly did this.

He began as a children's story, and ended up as a Queer Anarchist Comix Book adventure. Long story there, but ya gets the drift.

Anyway my little pal, and his boyfriend went through all manner of mayhem in their journey from cute kiddy story to being bank robbing Queer Daddies.

Hey they knocked over Mob Casio's, and Fed gold depositories to feed the hungry. Com'on it was win-win for everybody. Our heroes Timmy, and his main squeeze June June laundered the gold with the Buddhist Mafia for cash.

Them Buddhists used the gold to build temples, and out pals used the cash to feed, and otherwise support battered wives runaways homeless veterans, and the generally fucked over.

Everybody happy.

Well okay except for the Mob, and the bleeping U.S. Gobbermint...bleep'em!

Yeah yeah it's all a long story ya had to be there yada cool. 

The Saga starts anew below. Btw I have no idea where June June got to. Timmy sez the last he saw of him was in some  leather bar  in Shanghai. Though he thinks he'll show up sooner or later.

Okay lets get to it...


Timmy Tom, Timmy Tom the Half Angel opened his eyes.

Angel eyes.

Eyes that burn like coals.

Eyes that flash the Spectrum's.

Eyes that can pierce your Soul!

He'd been asleep for a long time. Angels even Half Angels like Timmy can sleep for Ages. Mountains can rise, and fall oceans come, and go even the stars ever dancing above us can change their positions before an Angel awakes.

Though Timmy Tom's rest was not that long. In celestial terms just a nap really. Barely a fifth of a human life had passed before Timmy stirred, and opened his eyes.

Golden eyes.

Flaming eyes.

The moon was waning dawn was coming.

Stay tuned.

Hey okay it ain't much yet. Like I say your characters come, and act in their own good time. Timmy has been away for years. Maybe as long as eight or so years.

Give'em time the adventures ought to be getting started pretty soon.

We'll see what happens.

"Some Back Story"

Above is the t-shirt design for the stories about "Timmy Tom" that I b'cast on WBAI back in the day. This was the first, as far as I know, Queer t-shirt for the radio station.

Though the fact that it's Queer came as a surprise to many of the wearers. "...but I though it was just a cute Angel."


Actually it wouldn't have been that big a surprise if the station's business manager hadn't insisted that I make a certain change to it. 

Said my dear pal Indra, 

"...Sydney for heaven's sakes! Many of our listener's might not want to walk around with some guy with his schlong hanging out on their chests,...cover it up!"

Aw heck nobody has a sense of humor any more.

Stay tuned.

"Stories!, Stories!, Stories!"

Fractilized whirlpools of stories tales dreams nightmares prayers visions on, and on forever, and forever!

If I had more than one brain one mind one mouth one body...

If I had 1000x1000 Souls it still would 'not' be enough!

Not enough to tell all the stories.

We are creation's eyes,

Eternity's memory,

G-d's conscience,

We speak for the living,

We speak for the dead,

"We're the mud that had the chance to sit up, and look around."

Kurt Vonnegut said that.

"We're sleep walking Angels"

I said that.

Stay tuned.

Friday, May 23, 2014

"A Light Unto the World"

"Radio Daze"~'Сатира'

(Dear Uncle Sidney still in his disguise as that other less jovial "Uncle" explains the subtle nuances of Radio Art to attentive Workers.)

"Beloved Heroic all Wise, and Correct Uncle" made a surprise visit to the sub-directorate people's administrative office of the Hell's Kitchen shoehorn factory No.12.

The comrade workers were in awe of the wit, and charm of the Dear Leader's off the cuff presentation. Our Fearless Champion waxed poetic on the spiritual nature of a well written, and presented station break.

He then shared several hours of anecdotes, broadcast adventures which transfixed the comrades.

Most touching was his re-enactment of his dear friend Professor Loekle's 'on air' reading of Pushkin. This while having just snorted ten grams of cocaine followed by five bottles of good Irish whiskey!

(The good professor is an old Comrade Pal of Dear Uncle's. He's a noted literary scholar trouble maker, and sweetheart.)

   (An astounded "Beloved Heroic Uncle" as well as some middle level Party officials witness Professor Loekle's performance while under the influence of enough Dope to kill ten Cossacks,...and their Horses.) 

(...damn if the painting, him in the center, don't look just like'em!)

Angels wept silver pearls at the beauty of that long ago performance.

As the sun set behind the out houses of the Peoples Shoehorn Factory No. 12 our Dear Leader informed the gathered comrades it was time for him to go.

However the brave workers protested!

They fell to their knees begging for just one more demented Dope story. However our most stalwart Uncle mildly chastised them saying it was time for them to "go back to work"

This because, ..."Socialism Needed them!"

With that our ever thoughtful Uncle got on his old rusty bike, and peddled his way back to his humble rooms. There to write more sweet stories about Teenaged Queer Angel Boys that fight for the freedom of the Oppressed, and Bored. 

Stay Tuned.

"Scary Shit"

Beloved Uncle Sidney suggests reading the above pamphlet,..note how the two faced lying 1950's paper back publishers tried to make it look like a steamy sex rag. 

Shame on them!

To the point read this stuff to get a handle on what the fuck is going down around you. 

Read it, and extrapolate.

Note rave reviews:

"A fun read I couldn't put it down." Satan Prince of Darkness for Earth.

( ...well okay Earth it's near space, and the moons of Neptune. Yeah there's nobody out there, but still.)

"A laff riot sensation!" A. Hitler, Chancellor of Greater Germany,...retired.

"Say this Orwell guy has some good ideas." Dick Cheney

"This is some scary shit!" Daffy Duck 

"Every Animal should read this."  Bugs Bunny

"Worse than working in the Circus."  Dumbo

"So this is the filth you're reading!"   My sainted Mom.

"Dear Uncle Speaks to the Masses"

Dear Beloved Uncle Sydney during these festive warm months modestly suggests that all 'good' Comrades display the above flag of our Heroic Peoples National Commune. 

It displaces those inconvenient white, and probably racist stars with items much more practical to current Five Year Plans. As Dear Uncle likes to say, 

"...It catches the eye." 

Dear Most Honored, and Beloved Uncle Sydney, Heartful Defender of the Masses Biblical scholar, and part-time Queer Comix Book Artist is seen here once again in his favorite disguise as that 'other' famous "Uncle". 

"I so enjoy the cosmic irony of it all". Sez our most forthright, and Correct Uncle. 

Dear Beloved Uncle despite the current extreme heat of the Peoples Emerald City supports the struggling fall jacket, and sportswear workers by himself wearing their new fall/early winter line of retro jackets, and comical tunics.

"Anything I can do for the tireless workers of the youth market is to the general good. Indeed I've purchased several of these retro murderous dictator outfits for the Peoples Halloween Parade". 

Uncle reminds us to vote this fall to oust the dreaded Tea Party rascals from the Peoples Congress.  Sez Beloved Wise, and fashion conscious Uncle, 

"...In the old days I would have just 'shot' these scallywags."

"Well them their families, and relatives up to fifth cousins removed. It was a most effective tonic for dealing with annoying people."

"Certain politicians assorted poets writers, and pastry chiefs that could never get the proper balance of whipped cream to cake for example."

Yes we all remember those humors slap stick trials orchestrated by Uncle while in Monty Python judges drag. He gleefully sent assorted enemies of the Masses to their deserved fates. "However these days we vote", sez Uncle.

"So get out there, and Vote." 

"Remember", sez our Beloved Champion, "It ain't how many vote ya gets it's who counts them."

All Hail Beloved Dear Uncle!!

Dear Uncle still in his favorite disguise as that other interesting "Uncle" takes time out from his labors on his obscure radio program to wish all Loyal Comrades a Happy Memorial Day, and beginning of the Summer Season!

Stay Tuned.


Not really sure what the hell is going on here. I came in the other evening, and all this was going on in my house. The little maniacs get out of their box's, and get up to mayhem.

The secret lives of dolls, and toys. There's a book or little video in that somewhere.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

"A Sissy Meditation"

"...what a Gal"

"Z Force"

Boys Guys, and yes you too Mom! Join the International Zero Gee Space Force! Be on the front lines in our battles with the dreaded insectoid invaders from Dimension X!

These fiends from beyond our worse nightmares have come to take our Cheese! They want our roaches too. I'd say they can have'em, but it's the principle of the thing.

Defend Earth's Cheese, and what the heck our damned Roaches too!

Join today!

You get a neat uniform, and weird hat we pay ya too,...sometimes. Fight the giant insects from Hell in the cold dreary, and terrifying monotony of inter-dimensional time space. 

Yes you could be horribly wounded by heat rays. Blinded, and screaming with burns over ninety percent of your tender body. Perhaps captured, and slowly boiled, and then eaten by the vile enemy. 

Go without rations because of the gross incompetence our military supply services. Get sent against overwhelming enemy forces, and be bleeping massacred!

Yes all this, but we here in the safety of the rear will be proud of you, and the rest of the rubes we con into this pointless blood bath!

Enlist Today!


As provided for under the Congressional Personal Doll Freedom Act of 2014. All persons of Queer disposition, active or not, are required to own, and prominently display at least one doll.

Said doll must be well cared for. Brushed cleaned spoken to, in reading stories to, and or  or conversing with. Also by law said doll must be provided with at least four (4) new gowns ten (10) pairs of shoes both formal, and casual, and at least three (3) new hats each calendar year.

The doll or dolls must be available for inspection by official authorities, Homeland Security, NSA or delegated local Personal Doll Inspection Agencies. Failure to produce required doll or dolls could result in serious fines or possible detention.

The "Congressional Personal Doll Freedom Act" is not just a good idea.


Stay Tuned.

"Free to Go"

Most Yanks don't have passports,...and seem not interested in getting one. As one gleeful citizen of the land of the free said, "...I'm already in America what do I need one of them for."

Good point.

An especially good point since several Billion folks out in the world seem to want to join her. I don't blame them either. Sure there are places with way more freedom more economic justice better food, and a lot better art, and fun stuff.


If you're young smart have a plan, and ruthless this is the place to be. You 'can' get rich here. Seriously Rich.

That's not true of any place else. Who gets rich is closely controlled out in the world. The trade-off for that is you get medical care education...the whole bag of social welfare goodies we can only dream of here in the States.

We used to have some of them goodies here, but they're gone. Seriously gone never to return. Except for that small number getting rich most of us are fucked. Stuck in unacknowledged class Bantustans . 

Basically we're the dirt poor, the slightly less poor that is the working poor formerly known as the lower middle class, and the shrinking middle middle class.  I think the coming model for the U.S.of A. is a sort of Brazil. A second world kind of system.

You know the drill.

The very rich in guarded enclaves. The tiny middle class taking their chances among the hoards of poor, and of course the hoards of hopeless poor themselves. See the film "Loopers" to get a handle on what that would be like.

Barring a great social revolution or an Alien invasion that's our future.

Getting back to my first point,...Passports. I'm getting one. My family wants to send me out into the world before I kick the bucket,...who knew. So I get to see how the rest of the world lives.

Well the rest of the Western world.

I don't think I'm up for any real adventures like Outer Mongolia or the Central African Republic, and or Empire...depends which general is in charge this week. I'll try Wales first then maybe Hamburg. With that under my belt I'll try something harder like East Saint Louis.

If I don't get shot I'll post from assorted exotic  locations, Bristol. This may start in the summer into the fall.  

Unless I chicken out.

Actually I always wanted to go to Monster Island where Godzilla, and his pals live. I understand the Island has Observer Status at the United Nations. Anyone know if you need a Visa to get in there?

Stay Tuned.


"Slow Genocides"

I think historians will call the late 20th through the early 21st centuries the era of slow Genocides. Not like the early or mid-20th century varieties. No our time's mass killings are hap-hazarded. Here, and there. On, and off.

More like the death of a Thousand Cuts.

That rather than the old school Hitler Stalin thing. So gradual that many don't even know it going on. Or if they do they're tired of the whole depressing mess, and switch the remote to something funnier.

These days I find myself doing exactly that.

"That's All She Wrote"

 According to a new study sponsored by NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, we only have a few decades left before everything we know and hold dear collapses.

The report, written by applied mathematician Safa Motesharrei of the National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center along with a team of natural and social scientists, explains that modern civilization is doomed. And there's not just one particular group to blame, but the entire fundamental structure and nature of our society.

Analyzing five risk factors for societal collapse (population, climate, water, agriculture and energy), the report says that the sudden downfall of complicated societal structures can follow when these factors converge to form two important criteria.

 Motesharrei's report says that all societal collapses over the past 5,000 years have involved both "the stretching of resources due to the strain placed on the ecological carrying capacity" and "the economic stratification of society into Elites [rich] and Masses (or "Commoners") [poor]."

This "Elite" population restricts the flow of resources accessible to the "Masses", accumulating a surplus for themselves that is high enough to strain natural resources. Eventually this situation will inevitably result in the destruction of society.

Elite power, the report suggests, will buffer "detrimental effects of the environmental collapse until much later than the Commoners," allowing the privileged to "continue 'business as usual' despite the impending catastrophe."

The above report from NASA basically sez that it was the rich Romans Mayans, and the contemporary Western rich which doomed themselves, and their slaves or in our case employees.

I'd love to see a trial of the corporate, and leisure class guilty before it all devolves into Mad Max time. 2000 sharp guillotines in front of the Stock Exchange downtown.

2000 sharp Guillotines no waiting.

Btw them wonks at NASA are moral surprise. They'd have no problem telling us that a comet was about to blow us to bits. However telling the hard truth that it's how we knowingly organized our world society is our downfall is too dicey for'em.

Admitting even now that's it's too late to change that the gross inequalities of our civilization is the true enemy goes too far for them. This being so NASA is scuttling like crazy to cover their ample butts.

They're distancing themselves like mad from this report. That clanging sound you just heard was NASA's balls falling off.

Stay Tuned.

"Great Plumage"

 If you really 'want' to believe in any sort of "gawd" the above there is a good reason to. Thinking back if only the Nuns had shown us a print of this swell guy instead of all them saints having their eyeballs, and nuts torn off by red hot hooks.

These as examples of what we should aspire to.

Anyhow if them demented old child beat'n gals has said:

"...Yes children "gawd!" in all her mercy, and wisdom has created a species of Flaming Drag Queen Ducks!"

"This to show her true love for us all,...especially 'you' Sydney ya damned little horny Sodomite!" 

"...think I don't know what you, and them altar boys was up to in the rectory basement!"

'But I digress.

Well if the evil  hooded bitches from Hell had said that instead of how we was 'all' gonna spend frigging 'ETERNITY!' doing back strokes in the Lake'a Fire for eating a baloney sandwich on Friday. I might today be in Rome as a press flax for His Holiness.

Wow I mean if ya 'had' to be a Duck this is the sort of Duck to be. Great plumage what?

Stay Tuned.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014




Six Ways America Is Like a Third-World Country

Our society lags behind the rest of the developed world in education, health care, violence and more

The U.S. imprisons a higher percentage of it's population than countries like Russia, China or Iran.
Michael Criswell/Getty Images

Although the U.S. is one of the richest societies in history, it still lags behind other developed nations in many important indicators of human development – key factors like how we educate our children, how we treat our prisoners, how we take care of the sick and more. In some instances, the U.S.'s performance is downright abysmal, far below foreign countries that are snidely looked-down-upon as "third world."

 Here are six of the most egregious examples that show how far we still have to go:

1. Criminal Justice
We all know the U.S. criminal justice system is flawed, but few are likely aware of just how bad it is compared to the rest of the world. The International Center for Prison Studies estimates that America imprisons 716 people per 100,000 citizens (of any age). That's significantly worse than Russia (484 prisoners per 100,000 citizens), China (121) and Iran (284). The only country that incarcerates a higher percentage of its population than we do is North Korea. The U.S. is also the only developed country that executes prisoners – and our death penalty has a serious race problem: 42 percent of those on death row are black, compared to less than 15 percent of the overall population.

Over two and a half million American children have a parent behind bars. A whopping 60 percent of those incarcerated in U.S. prisons are non-violent offenders, many of them in prison for drug charges (overwhelmingly African-Americans). Even while our crime rate has fallen, our incarcerated population has climbed. As of 2011, an estimated 217,000 American prisoners were raped each year ­– that's 600 new victims every day, a truly horrifying number. In 2010, the Department of Justice released a report about abuse in juvenile detention centers. The report found that 12.1 percent of all youth held in juvenile detention reported sexual violence; youth held for between seven and 12 months had a victimization rate of 14.2 percent.

2. Gun Violence
The U.S. leads the developed world in firearm-related murders, and the difference isn't a slight gap – more like a chasm. According to United Nations data, the U.S. has 20 times more murders than the developed world average. Our murder rate also dwarfs many developing nations, like Iraq, which has a murder rate less than half ours. More than half of the most deadly mass shootings documented in the past 50 years around the world occurred in the United States, and 73 percent of the killers in the U.S. obtained their weapons legally. Another study finds that the U.S. has one of the highest proportion of suicides committed with a gun.

Gun violence varies across the U.S., but some cities like New Orleans and Detroit rival the most violent Latin American countries, where gun violence is highest in the world.

3. Healthcare
A study last year found that in many American counties, especially in the deep South, life expectancy is lower than in Algeria, Nicaragua or Bangladesh. The U.S. is the only developed country that does not guarantee health care to its citizens; even after the Affordable Care Act, millions of poor Americans will remain uninsured because governors, mainly Republicans, have refused to expand Medicaid, which provides health insurance for low-income Americans.

Although the federal government will pay for the expansion, many governors cited cost, even though the expansion would actually save money. America is unique among developed countries in that tens of thousands of poor Americans die because they lack health insurance, even while we spend more than twice as much of our GDP on healthcare than the average for the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), a collection of rich world countries.

The U.S. has an infant mortality rate that dwarfs comparable nations, as well as the highest teenage-pregnancy rate in the developed world, largely because of the politically-motivated unavailability of contraception in many areas.

4. Education
The U.S. is among only three nations in the world that does not guarantee paid maternal leave (the other two are Papua New Guinea and Swaziland). This means many poor American mothers must choose between raising their children and keeping their jobs. The U.S. education system is plagued with structural racial biases, like the fact that schools are funded at the local, rather than national level.

 That means that schools attended by poor black people get far less funding than the schools attended by wealthier students. The Department of Education has confirmed that schools with high concentrations of poor students have lower levels of funding.

 It's no wonder America has one of the highest achievement gaps between high income and low income students, as measured by the OECD. Schools today are actually more racially segregated than they were in the 1970s. Our higher education system is unique among developed nations in that is funded almost entirely privately, by debt. Students in the average OECD country can expect about 70 percent of their college tuition to be publicly funded; in the United States, only about 40 percent of the cost of education is publicly-funded. That's one reason the U.S. has the highest tuition costs of any OECD country.

5. Inequality
By almost every measure, the U.S. tops out OECD countries in terms of income inequality, largely because America has the stingiest welfare state of any developed country. This inequality has deep and profound effects on American society. For instance, although the U.S. justifies its rampant inequality on the premise of upward mobility, many parts of the United States have abysmal levels of social mobility, where children born in the poorest quintile have a less than 3 percent chance of reaching the top quintile.

 Inequality harms our democracy, because the wealthy exert an outsized political influence. Sheldon Adelson, for instance, spent more to influence the 2012 election than the residents of 12 states combined. Inequality also tears at the social fabric, with a large body of research showing that inequality correlates with low levels of social trust. In their book The Spirit Level, Richard Pickett and Kate Wilkinson show that a wide variety of social indicators, including health and well-being are intimately tied to inequality.

6. Infrastructure
The United States infrastructure is slowly crumbling apart and is in desperate need for repair. One study estimates that our infrastructure system needs a $3.6 trillion investment over the next six years. In New York City, the development of Second Avenue subway line was first delayed by the outbreak of World War II; it's still not finished. In South Dakota, Alaska and Pennsylvania, water is still transported via century-old wooden pipes. Some 45 percent of Americans lack access to public transit.

Large portions of U.S. waste-water capacity are more than half a century old and in Detroit, some of the sewer lines date back to the mid-19th century. One in nine U.S. bridges (or 66,405 bridges) are considered "structurally deficient," according to the National Bridge Inventory. All of this means that the U.S. has fallen rapidly in international rankings of infrastructure.

America is a great country, and it does many things well. But it has vast blind spots. The fact that nearly 6 million Americans, or 2.5 percent of the voting-age population, cannot vote because they have a felony on record means that politicians can lock up more and more citizens without fear of losing their seat. Our ideas of meritocracy and upward mobility blind us to the realities of class and inequality.

Our healthcare system provides good care to some, but it comes at a cost – millions of people without health insurance. If we don't critically examine these flaws, how can we ever hope to progress as a society?

Read more:


In my fuzzy old age I spend time on the 'net at the BBC to see just how fast the World is Ending. To cheer myself up after all that mayhem I waste my limited remaining lifespan poking around among other outlets.

"Proposed New Eagle Scout Uniform"


"Miracle of the Age!"

I always thought it interesting that the internet has given us access...kind'a to all of the accumulated knowledge of our species. It has given us this miracle yet we mostly use it for unimaginative porn, and funny animal videos.

There's a book, and documentary in this somewhere.