Friday, May 23, 2014

"Radio Daze"~'Сатира'

(Dear Uncle Sidney still in his disguise as that other less jovial "Uncle" explains the subtle nuances of Radio Art to attentive Workers.)

"Beloved Heroic all Wise, and Correct Uncle" made a surprise visit to the sub-directorate people's administrative office of the Hell's Kitchen shoehorn factory No.12.

The comrade workers were in awe of the wit, and charm of the Dear Leader's off the cuff presentation. Our Fearless Champion waxed poetic on the spiritual nature of a well written, and presented station break.

He then shared several hours of anecdotes, broadcast adventures which transfixed the comrades.

Most touching was his re-enactment of his dear friend Professor Loekle's 'on air' reading of Pushkin. This while having just snorted ten grams of cocaine followed by five bottles of good Irish whiskey!

(The good professor is an old Comrade Pal of Dear Uncle's. He's a noted literary scholar trouble maker, and sweetheart.)

   (An astounded "Beloved Heroic Uncle" as well as some middle level Party officials witness Professor Loekle's performance while under the influence of enough Dope to kill ten Cossacks,...and their Horses.) 

(...damn if the painting, him in the center, don't look just like'em!)

Angels wept silver pearls at the beauty of that long ago performance.

As the sun set behind the out houses of the Peoples Shoehorn Factory No. 12 our Dear Leader informed the gathered comrades it was time for him to go.

However the brave workers protested!

They fell to their knees begging for just one more demented Dope story. However our most stalwart Uncle mildly chastised them saying it was time for them to "go back to work"

This because, ..."Socialism Needed them!"

With that our ever thoughtful Uncle got on his old rusty bike, and peddled his way back to his humble rooms. There to write more sweet stories about Teenaged Queer Angel Boys that fight for the freedom of the Oppressed, and Bored. 

Stay Tuned.

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