Saturday, May 17, 2014

"Free to Go"

Most Yanks don't have passports,...and seem not interested in getting one. As one gleeful citizen of the land of the free said, "...I'm already in America what do I need one of them for."

Good point.

An especially good point since several Billion folks out in the world seem to want to join her. I don't blame them either. Sure there are places with way more freedom more economic justice better food, and a lot better art, and fun stuff.


If you're young smart have a plan, and ruthless this is the place to be. You 'can' get rich here. Seriously Rich.

That's not true of any place else. Who gets rich is closely controlled out in the world. The trade-off for that is you get medical care education...the whole bag of social welfare goodies we can only dream of here in the States.

We used to have some of them goodies here, but they're gone. Seriously gone never to return. Except for that small number getting rich most of us are fucked. Stuck in unacknowledged class Bantustans . 

Basically we're the dirt poor, the slightly less poor that is the working poor formerly known as the lower middle class, and the shrinking middle middle class.  I think the coming model for the U.S.of A. is a sort of Brazil. A second world kind of system.

You know the drill.

The very rich in guarded enclaves. The tiny middle class taking their chances among the hoards of poor, and of course the hoards of hopeless poor themselves. See the film "Loopers" to get a handle on what that would be like.

Barring a great social revolution or an Alien invasion that's our future.

Getting back to my first point,...Passports. I'm getting one. My family wants to send me out into the world before I kick the bucket,...who knew. So I get to see how the rest of the world lives.

Well the rest of the Western world.

I don't think I'm up for any real adventures like Outer Mongolia or the Central African Republic, and or Empire...depends which general is in charge this week. I'll try Wales first then maybe Hamburg. With that under my belt I'll try something harder like East Saint Louis.

If I don't get shot I'll post from assorted exotic  locations, Bristol. This may start in the summer into the fall.  

Unless I chicken out.

Actually I always wanted to go to Monster Island where Godzilla, and his pals live. I understand the Island has Observer Status at the United Nations. Anyone know if you need a Visa to get in there?

Stay Tuned.



  1. Get the passport. Do NOT chicken out. Make a list of all the places you want to see. Watch some old Rick Steves vids for nice pensiones to stay at. Get a map, or maps, and start sketching out your itinerary. When you feel your plans are shaping up, start making reservations. Then it will be real.

    It's really not that hard to travel - just pace yourself, don't try to do too much in too short a time. You are very lucky to have a sister who's happy to back you in this. You must absolutely do it.

    I'm not taking it for granted that air travel will remain indefinitely available to the masses. Don't wait too late - go!


  2. Agree completely with Zaek.
    I could give you some good tips on where to go for a great and fun time and cheap too. I travel far and wide regularly.

    Is your email still


  3. You bet'cha I'm out'a here!

    The world is my Clam! where land first? Yeah good idea. I'll paw over world maps declining places in the current midst of genocides or tidying of tribal borders.

    However the 2014 Helsinki Lesbian Nude Mud Wrestling Olympics seems an interesting least to start.

    'Course a trip to Flanders during the centennial commemorations of the Great War is a serious spiritual pull for m. That, and Anne Frank's place of hiding from the Nazi's...then there's all them Belgian waffle ice cream cones...boys in short pants, and the British Museum.

    Oh where to start?!

    Yeah, and whitmanwalter@ are my current email points.

  4. Oh yeah did I mention I 'finally' got my Passport, and associated local, and National I.D. I can hardly wait to use all this neat Age of Terror paperwork!

    Anyhow I'm ready to bolt, and will keep the lot of my good, and loyal subjects informed. Be ready with bail money in Euros.