Friday, May 23, 2014

"Scary Shit"

Beloved Uncle Sidney suggests reading the above pamphlet,..note how the two faced lying 1950's paper back publishers tried to make it look like a steamy sex rag. 

Shame on them!

To the point read this stuff to get a handle on what the fuck is going down around you. 

Read it, and extrapolate.

Note rave reviews:

"A fun read I couldn't put it down." Satan Prince of Darkness for Earth.

( ...well okay Earth it's near space, and the moons of Neptune. Yeah there's nobody out there, but still.)

"A laff riot sensation!" A. Hitler, Chancellor of Greater Germany,...retired.

"Say this Orwell guy has some good ideas." Dick Cheney

"This is some scary shit!" Daffy Duck 

"Every Animal should read this."  Bugs Bunny

"Worse than working in the Circus."  Dumbo

"So this is the filth you're reading!"   My sainted Mom.

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