Saturday, May 3, 2014

"In Other News..."

In January the Satanic Temple announced plans to erect a monument glorifying the Dark Lord on the front lawn of the Oklahoma Statehouse.

 The statue is a direct response to the state's installation of a Ten Commandments monument outside the Capitol in 2012. State Representative Mike Ritze paid for the controversial statue with his own money, and therefore it was considered a donation and OK to place on government property.

 Following that line of reasoning, the Satanic Temple submitted a formal application for their monument.

 The Baphomet, which will stand seven feet tall and be a testament to the glory of the Angel of the Bottomless Pit, would be placed directly beside the sculpture glorifying the laws given to Moses by the Abrahamic God.

The idea of a Satanic monument sitting on government property in Oklahoma—which is like the Bible Belt's Bible Belt—seems a bit far-fetched, but Greaves says that "there has been quite a bit of discussion among legal scholars who recognize how difficult it would actually be for Oklahoma to turn us down…

Constitutional law is quite clear on this issue: The state can’t discriminate against viewpoints. If they’ve opened the door for one, they’ve opened it for all.”

 At last an Angel you can sink your teeth into. Hail Pan, and all the other Gawd's libeled, and distorted by them  Witch burning Lynching fiends, and butchers! 'Course I mean this in a nice way.

The Old Shepherd
Daphnis, I that piped so rarely,
I that guarded well the fold,
'Tis my trembling hand that fails me;
I am weary, I am old.
Here my well-worn crook I offer
unto Pan the shepherd's friend;
Know ye, I am old and weary;
of my toil I make an end!
Yet I still can pipe it rarely,
still my voice is clear and strong;
Very tremulous in body,
nothing tremulous in song.
Only let no envious goatherd
tell the wolves upon the hill
That my ancient strength is wasted,
lest they do me grievous ill.

Macedonius: 6th century A.D.

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    A top-selling bumper sticker for sure.

    We gotta do some repros of that statue of Pan and his young pal. You never know when the hammer-swinging nut jobs will turn up again. Some people just have no appreciation for fine art.

    Great poem, BTW. By the date, it's from the early dark ages. You can kind of read that into it, I think.

    It's high time we founded New Arkady.