Saturday, May 17, 2014

"Z Force"

Boys Guys, and yes you too Mom! Join the International Zero Gee Space Force! Be on the front lines in our battles with the dreaded insectoid invaders from Dimension X!

These fiends from beyond our worse nightmares have come to take our Cheese! They want our roaches too. I'd say they can have'em, but it's the principle of the thing.

Defend Earth's Cheese, and what the heck our damned Roaches too!

Join today!

You get a neat uniform, and weird hat we pay ya too,...sometimes. Fight the giant insects from Hell in the cold dreary, and terrifying monotony of inter-dimensional time space. 

Yes you could be horribly wounded by heat rays. Blinded, and screaming with burns over ninety percent of your tender body. Perhaps captured, and slowly boiled, and then eaten by the vile enemy. 

Go without rations because of the gross incompetence our military supply services. Get sent against overwhelming enemy forces, and be bleeping massacred!

Yes all this, but we here in the safety of the rear will be proud of you, and the rest of the rubes we con into this pointless blood bath!

Enlist Today!

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