Saturday, May 17, 2014

"Great Plumage"

 If you really 'want' to believe in any sort of "gawd" the above there is a good reason to. Thinking back if only the Nuns had shown us a print of this swell guy instead of all them saints having their eyeballs, and nuts torn off by red hot hooks.

These as examples of what we should aspire to.

Anyhow if them demented old child beat'n gals has said:

"...Yes children "gawd!" in all her mercy, and wisdom has created a species of Flaming Drag Queen Ducks!"

"This to show her true love for us all,...especially 'you' Sydney ya damned little horny Sodomite!" 

"...think I don't know what you, and them altar boys was up to in the rectory basement!"

'But I digress.

Well if the evil  hooded bitches from Hell had said that instead of how we was 'all' gonna spend frigging 'ETERNITY!' doing back strokes in the Lake'a Fire for eating a baloney sandwich on Friday. I might today be in Rome as a press flax for His Holiness.

Wow I mean if ya 'had' to be a Duck this is the sort of Duck to be. Great plumage what?

Stay Tuned.

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