Saturday, May 3, 2014

"Little Wars"

As I've said from time to time. It would be interesting if wars were fought symbolically. Sort of like all them re-enactors do. That or counting coup as some of the Native peoples did.

Re-enactors, and model war gamers, see some pieces above, take their shit super serious. I sure do. Them's my toy soldiers above. 'had whole armies once..they got lost in my personal mayhem, but still.

In symbolic warfare all hell can break loose, but everybody gets to stay alive. You gets to live have beer pizza then go home after the battle. 

Beats the hell out'a what we're doing now.

Sure it would take a monumental change in the traditions, and insanities of our species to do this, but then we've already have done similar things. We're addicted to them demonic little electronic boxes.

Basically everyone on the planet has a device or wants one. Except for me, and a few other wise guys that knows them evil Reptilians are behind this fiendish plot.


This shows planetary habits can change. 

Though in that case not for the better. Btw the day of the Reptilian hegemony is near so beware. Keep lots of Spam (tm) around. That awful crap is poison to them. Think garlic to Vampires.

You'll be glad ya did!

Stay Tuned.

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