Saturday, May 3, 2014

"Blessed Spring"


  1. I'm a tad late, but Happy Mayday to you all!

  2. Your show this morning was a sad but excellent demonstration of WBAI "management's" utter cluelessness and failure to grasp even the fundamentals of radio. You should be on in a prime time slot at least once a week, and so should your talented sister. That said, I think it's too late—they have already destroyed the station.

  3. Well we all do what we can.

    Things are certainly on the demented side of irrational at the station, but what else is new. I'm okay where my program is. The less conspicuous the better the way things are unraveling around there.

    1. If the Reimers coterie could step into the real world, they might see that they are wasting their time on the premiums mess—it needs to be done, but programming is more in need of fixing right now.

      BTW, did you see that HBO is making a film based on my Bessie biography? Queen Latifah plays Bessie and shooting starts in Atlanta next month (June). I think she is the perfect choice.