Wednesday, August 31, 2016

"Horrors of the 21st Century"

An artificial uterus (or artificial womb) is a device that would allow for extracorporeal pregnancy or extrauterine fetal incubation (EUFI)[1] by growing an embryo or fetus outside of the body of a female organism that would normally internally carry the embryo or fetus to term.

An artificial uterus, as a replacement organ, would have many applications. It could be used to assist male or female couples in the development of a fetus.] This can potentially be performed as a switch from a natural uterus to an artificial uterus, thereby moving the threshold of fetal viability to a much earlier stage of pregnancy.

In this sense, it can be regarded as a neonatal incubator with very extended functions. Also, it can potentially be used for initiation of fetal development. Furthermore, it could avail for performing, for example, fetal surgery procedures at an early stage instead of having to postpone them until term of pregnancy.

Okay never mind the numerous local genocides the Climate Change disasters already starting to pin the meter, and the generally fucked up crap of these times.

Now we have some really interesting shit.

Not even something as fun, and simple as "Soylent Green is People!" Naw we went one better. We can grow our own now. I just read in some Geek online 'zine how all the noise above...from Wikipedia btw. I just gandered about the Brave new World about to come bursting out of our chests.

This to the applause of "Geekdom" everywhere.

Okay time to start a movement that's not anti-science per-say. However most certainly anti-Frankenstein/Alien/Matrix science. I think all the researchers engineers funders hangers on, and assorted ghouls behind this sort of hellish shit. The soulless shells of humans behind this, and the other nightmare anti-life technology out there. 

It's time to for thoughtful compassionate trials of these persons. Very public honest unbiased trials.

After which we'll hang these mutant demons with piano wire from the Brooklyn Bridge on Halloween night.

It's just the right thing to do.

Stay Tuned.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016


I must have been out of my mind. Yeah lets go out for a walk, and take snaps I told no one. As soon as I left the house I knew this was a big bleeping mistake. Fuck it what da hell right?

Well 20 blocks under the tropical Emerald City summer sun later. I finally tosses in the towel, and heads for home. Air conditioning iced tea, and a bleeping nap.

I needs them things these daze.

I gets ragged about 2pm now. Yeah shit is wearing down. That final reel just spins along...what da fuck.

On a cheerful note my Senior Citizen paperwork problems are at least on their way to being fixed. As opposed to being finally bleeping settled. I'm told by more experienced elders to get used to this crap.

The system "wants you dead" so they tell me, and will keep fucking with your case trying to kill you. One less mouth, and all that. Not exactly the Welfare State Fox News wants to overthrow.

Anyway Cheers!

Stay Tuned.

"Gawd is my Stunt Double"

"Church of the Holy Apostles"

"A Detail"

"Chelsea WW1 Memorial"

The Chelsea WW1 Memorial on 29th street here in the Emerald City is overgrown with weeds, and grass. The entrance is locked. Has been for years. The "War to End all Wars" ...wasn't. The immense sacrifices these men made were in vain as wars never stopped.

That, and at least in this country. The centennial of the Great War goes by un-noticed. Worse than being merely demeaned all those souls are utterly forgotten.

These addendums.

From my Facebook page in answer to questions about this Memorial.

  1. Yeah it's right in front of the Health Building. At 9th, and 29th Street across from the Holy Apostles Church. However it's locked off. I had to use the zoom to get the shots.
  2. They ought to unlock it pull the damned weeds, and mow the lawn. Folks might like to place flowers for their ancestors that fought. it's 100 years nearly since America entered the war...1917.
  3. Though it raged since August 1914.
  4. Single battles consumed up to, and over a million souls killed wounded or missing. it was madness. Soldiers on both sides forced to attack positions of massed machine guns, and artillery in the open.
  5. ...utter madness.

  1. After WW2 our tradition of non-intervention ended. We found ourselves the only intact industrial nation left on earth. Everyone else was either in ruins or broke. It fell to us to insure a WW never happened again.
  2. We had to deal with the real or imagined spheres of influence that came out of the wreckage of WW2. ...hence the very bloody era of proxy wars. Aka the Cold War. We're still in the post cold war chaos.
  3. Basically WW1, and WW2 plus the proxy wars, and their aftermaths of which the current Terror War is a part. These are what is finally being recognized as the Second 100 Years War. 1898~2001. 
  4. The dates vary depending on which historian you happen to trip over. The first of course was from 1347~1453. Plus the chaos of another 50 years or more.
  5. We're in the post conflict chaos of that second 100 years war now.

  6. Thing is being part of history actually blinds us to it. One has to calmly step back, and look at as much of the big picture as we know. See all the connections, and drawn conclusions. All those 20th century conflicts, and now the spill overs of the 21st were, and are 'not' separate events...they were/are all very much connected.

  7. As for the 100 years Peace,...well we'll see.

Stay Tuned.

Monday, August 29, 2016

"A Day in the Life"

Some sights here as I stumbled down 8th Avenue in the profoundly baking Emerald City. Near 90f, and humid again. I was on my way to the "Holy Apostles Church" on 9th Avenue. This to unravel my social security problems, and all the other disasters that have sprung from this gleeful mess.

I took a few snaps while on my way to repair my life, such as it is. Well that, and a nice lunch. These swell folks besides having a place dear to NYC Queers. That is it was a safe meeting space for us early 1970's perverts, and assorted trouble makers.

Over 40 years later it still offers me a port in a storm.

Besides all that they help Seniors with all the demented problems that come with being bleeping old, and at the mercy of the Departments of Old Farts.

A free yummy lunch of curry chicken, and veggies hit the spot! I inquired as to their need for volunteers, and such. Yes they need constant

Imagine me back in church,...who'd a thunk it. Oh that's not their lunch counter above. They have a neat set up inside their site to feed the hungry, and comfort the old, and confused...that's me.

Nice banner. Good to know one is welcome. Wish my fellow "Katlicks" were a little more like this. They could take some serious pointers from this outfit.

These guys might actually be real few of that sort around these days. Anyway I have to go 'round again tomorrow to continue with the untangling of my assorted social services disasters. 

This, and I want to see what they may need me to do as a volunteer,....well that, and lunch. Imagine, actual Free Lunch. Bleep it us old timers we earned it!

Stay Tuned.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

"Color of Blood"

This child this boy 10 year old was mistaken for a 20 year old man. The Police in Newark NJ chased him, and cornered him in an ally pistols, and shotguns pointed at him.

10,...get that TEN years old.

they mistook him for a 20 year old felon they were looking for. If not for neighbors who saw what was happening intervening this child would be dead now.

They the cops said "he fit the description."

Holy Christ in a shit house. " the description?!" Reminds me of when I was busted more than half a century ago by similar thinking. I was six years old...fucking SIX.

The charges were assault, I was six, and three feet tall, robbery...I already had my allowance, and resisting arrest. I was crying hysterically.

If the culture of shoot first, and fuck the lawyers were going on back then I would never have lived to cause so much gleeful trouble. As it thankfully is the child the 10 year old is still alive.

No apology no compensation no fucking nothing...just a curt remark to the mother. "If you want to pursue this make out a report",...and they left to find someone else to shoot dead.

Yeah I know being a cop especially these days is a hellish thankless impossible job. However even soldiers in war draw the line at gunning down kids without cause.

Here's a what if for ya.

Try to imagine this happening in an upscale white area. Try to imagine a blond headed freckle faced white boy cornered in an alley way with cops with shotguns, and pistols drawn on him...because he, " the description."

What's that, can't imagine?

Okay then take the time to connect the dots as to 'how' you "can't imagine" such a thing.

Stay Tuned.

" expected"

( "Bob the Bunny" War Correspondent, above, in his element.)

Greetings dear comrades. I could say I was insanely ill, and starving, but who cares. So instead what happened was I was kidnapped by agents of Hillary.

In fact I'm still in her custody.

If I play ball they may feed me, and give me water in a week or so. Something to look forward too.

Still how's things?

Anything interesting, and or horrifying happen while I was gone. I mean I assume the world is still ending, and our comic opera election proceeds as expected.

Stay Tuned.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

"Hillary Killed Lincoln!"

The latest charge against Mrs. Clinton was reported by Fox host Sean Hannity, who said that the evidence of her role in the Lincoln assassination came mainly in the form of e-mails.

According to Mr. Hannity, “If it’s true that Hillary Clinton killed Lincoln, this could have a major impact on her chances in 2016.”

Satan news Service.


I Knew It !!

She has a Time Machine that Bill forced Microsoft build for her. She uses it to change all of history! Did you know that the Edsel was once the most popular car in world history...more than the VW bug! Hillary went back, and had them put that stupid grill on the front, and it was curtains for the damned thing.

She killed Walt Disney too! ...okay that wasn't so bad.

However she went to 1968, and convinced NBC to cancel "Star Trek"! She also went back to 1985, and stopped Good Humor from putting out their Cannabis cone! That alone would have caused a revolution that gave the whole world peace freedom, and prosperity.

Well she put the Kibosh on that!

Also ever wonder where the Pinto Flesh Colored! New Coke "Howard the Duck", and Mood Rings really came from,...right.

This just in! Crooked Hillary Satan's candidate for Empress of the World is caught in a deal to sell humanity to them saucer guy Space Aliens!

We're to be used as luncheon meat, and circus animals. Empress Hilary gets a big cut of our sale, and is to be our cruel Mistress...Forever!

Not only that, but she stole my skate key beat me up took my lunch money, and ate my dog! In fact she came back broke in, and had the gold fish the cat, and my hamster..."Louie" for desert!

Further...Vatican sources say Hillary is a demon vampire cannibal! Prince Charles admits she was Jack the Ripper! Hillary sez, "...Yeah so what." Such honesty. This is why she has my Vote!

Hey with sweaty demented enemies like Bleeping ass Trump the Klan the Nazi Party, and the rest of them wackadoodle maniacs on the far  right, and the conspiracy deluded I'd let Bernie fuck me up the ass far left how bad could she be?  Well okay pretty bad, but still.

Stand by for further developments.

Eh,...actually I'm thinking of a certain Mouse for my Vote.

Stay Tuned.

Monday, August 15, 2016


"Hi, two peyote buds to go please,...oh do you have any books or stuff by that Carlos Castaneda guy?"

Stay Tuned.


It's 86f degrees in my home now at 2:00am.  With the humidity calculated in it was 105f degrees today. 115f over in 'Jersey.

I just went out from my air conditioned bedroom...the air still so very hot. The floor the walls very It's hard to breathe this air.

My breath comes short.

Please folks. You in the Emerald City area. Please be very careful. If you have no A.C. go to one of the many Cooling Centers the City has set up...just go dammit. Some folks have already died in this thing.

If you 'must' go out take water with you. If you can take some extra to share. The Mayor is calling all this an Emergency Condition. Not unlike a heavy storm Blizzard or the like.

Okay...stay frosty.

Stay Tuned.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

"Hot Barbie!"

What can I say comrade it's the Dog Daze of Summer now. On the up side if we live through this in a month or so the temps should be down to a brisk 86f or 90f.

I can hardly wait.

I better get my shovels, and salt out to be ready! Blizzards coming!

Ah the snow! Most hate it. I loves it. When blanketed with snow the City is so still, and quiet. At least till the trucks buses, and 20 million maniacs tramp through it. Tramping that beauty into an open sewer.

Sorry what with the end of the world, and the heat I'm real grumpy.

I'll be okay after a few gallons of frosty ice tea.

Be back later.

Stay Tuned.

"Psalm of the Hungry Child" #3

                 Seven-year-old Franklyn Ohio boy found trying to sell teddy bear for food.

Officer Steve Dunham received a report on Sunday that a seven-year-old boy was peddling the toy outside of a drug store, trying to get enough money to eat.

“He told me he was trying to sell his stuffed animal to get money for food because he hadn’t eaten in several days,” Dunham told WLWT.

Dunham took the boy to an area Subway to get something to eat, then took him to the police department.


The above sums it all up.

This hellish year of genocidal wars masses of people trying to escape it. Then barred at the walls of Europe with hatred. Plus the world wide spasm of terrorist murder. Our national demented political melt downs, and the rising oceans.

Well all that swell noise now this.

The hungry kid stands as a symbol for this whole damned world.  Seven year old kid in America selling his Teddy bear for food in 2016.

Dickens would weep.

I weep. I've been there, but as a grumpy old guy. The Gobbermint fucked up, and cut off my bleeping food stamps by mistake. Been months trying to get it back.

Had to sell a bunch of my stuff to get by. However I've lived had a ball been on weird adventures had a bleeping life did neat things, and even have fans.

This kid is Seven...7 years old.

My problem was a paper error on their part. This kid was left to starve on the fucking streets of the richest fucking Empire in fucking History.

A bit worse that.

The child is a planetary symbol for everything that's gone wrong. Yes there's millions like him all over the world. Hundreds of thousands here in bleeping America.


This time with this kid I think we got jolted or should be by the absolute profound wrongness of it all.

I'd love to preach all day, and night about this, but I've already gone on too folks know the deal.


You know what to do about it.

Stay Tuned.

"No...they didn't...they couldn't"

I never thought that such as this was possible or even legal. Oreo that beloved cookie company has clearly drunk the "Kool-Aid" obviously downed the "Brown Acid".

These maniacs have gone, and made "fish glop cookies".

Not only made them, but instead of burying them all at a secret location in the back lots of Area 54. Instead of that they went, and made it public...I mean public in like we buy, and eat this evil shit.

They actually instead of that yummy wondrously addictive creamy filling. In place of that they put in a red salmon rubbery glop.

I'd call the FBI.

Stay Tuned.

Friday, August 12, 2016

"T'was but a Dream"

Me back at the radio studio years ago. That whole radio life I lived. All 34 years of it seems like a very long, and strange dream. A life it now seems lived by someone else.

I should save this noise for my shrink.

Only in America weirdness can a poor starving person have a shrink.

Oh,...right. Eh,...the dog "Rasputin" is now CEO of General Electric. Funny how shit works out in the biz ain't it.

Stay Tuned.

"Hell on Urth"

Getting right to the point. As you can see from our burning sunset it was...with the humidity in the Emerald City 104f today. They tell us that tomorrow it will be,...again because of the humidity effect. It will be 107f to 110f on Saturday.

I had been rationing my air conditioning because of the cost. Well fuck that! The damned thing is on 24/7 till this nightmare passes.

If you live here in town keep the hell hydrated. Put ice in your pets water bowl. Look in on your elder family, and pals. Most of all stay the heck out of the sun.

As you can see above I've ordered the Uncle Sidney Navy to send our Nuclear sub,...which guards these blogs. I've ordered our guys to get as far north as possible. There to wait out this bleeping fire storm.

Btw they said that jogging without precautions may be life threatening. Not that this will stop some of them health fanatics. I think we're going to get some Darwin Award winners, and runners up out of this.

Our good comrade "Bob the Bunny" (tm) is gathering produce from our Fiji ice farms to ship back the sheltering Emerald City to cool our drinks, and sweaty brows.

Speaking of health nuts I remember last summer seeing more that a few on the pavement with EMT folks around them because the were running in the 100f heat,...DON'T!

They just said that this stuff is going to hang around all next week...swell. I can hardly wait.  Remember plenty of liquids, and take it easy. Also for bleeps sakes don't leave 'anything' alive in your damned car during this nightmare...dummies I swear.

Stay Tuned.