Monday, August 1, 2016

"On the Bright Side, a way"

I've been thinking about my life, and mortality. I mean what with being officially an "Old Guy" now, and all. What I've been, and will be. Yeah I've gone over this here, and elsewhere a few times, but I'm thinking about it again.

I used to have very strong faith. In fact to the degree of wanting to enter the priesthood. Fortunately the Church back then was profoundly in a polite condescending way.

They didn't mind us at Mass too much, but being part of the Holy Corporation was out of the question. It's similar of their current on the ground attitude towards Queer Priests, and Queers in general.

Pope Francis can go bleep himself on this one they feel.

So I was spared going through all that trouble just to eventually walk away from all that sad noise.
So I just lived a life of an artist broadcast engineer more or less nice guy, and general trouble maker. Only now I see the last reel being installed.

Bleep it that's cool.

So what was the point? Who da hell knows. There's folks that make a nice living on film-flaming people about all that. Various gurus, and assorted "I Got the Answer" crooks.

Heck with all my double talk mojo I could easily do it too.

Aw, but that's too much trouble, and besides the real deal is far more interesting. Ya see gang them old religions wasn't that far off when they said that on death we'd all go up into the sky.

Turns out we 'actually do',...eventually.

If you have any level of scientific literacy or at least watched the old or current versions of "Cosmos" you know the deal. We that is our actual personal bodies are made up of atoms that were once in the Heart of Stars.

No bleep for real.

'And not once or twice, but endless times, and will again. Cool that. Heck of a pre, and afterlife.
We had a Bright, and Holy beginning, and will continue to have it. For we will be reborn time, after time after time into the infinity of the Multiverse.

That makes each of us from Virus to Ancient Oaks to Great Whales part of something "Great Vast, and Wonderful."

Try to keep this in mind when you're on the subway stuck between stations during a heatwave, and the air conditioner has crapped out. That or ya scrambling to pay the damned bills or dealing with a bleeped up relationship.

'Or perhaps like me trying to figure out what the bleeping hell them last 65 years was all about.
So class to sum up,...bleeping chill will you.
You're about as special as "Special" can get. Maybe there's a reason that we ended up calling them we think cool,..."STARS".

Because we 'are'. All of us are actually "STARS".
Not bad that.


Stay Tuned.


  1. P.S. - Did you know the Pope has been bashing capitalism again lately? I kinda like him. I hope he doesn't come by any unfortunate mishaps, like John Paul I.



  2. You mean something like a, "...His Holiness passed away peacefully in his sleep" sort of thing. used to happen all the time back in the day.

    If he keeps on like this yeah there might be an unforeseen real sudden terminal illness in which our pontiff peacefully departs.

    Like I sez I really hope he has some well armed, and seriously vetted trusted Holy butt kickers looking after him.