Tuesday, August 30, 2016


I must have been out of my mind. Yeah lets go out for a walk, and take snaps I told no one. As soon as I left the house I knew this was a big bleeping mistake. Fuck it what da hell right?

Well 20 blocks under the tropical Emerald City summer sun later. I finally tosses in the towel, and heads for home. Air conditioning iced tea, and a bleeping nap.

I needs them things these daze.

I gets ragged about 2pm now. Yeah shit is wearing down. That final reel just spins along...what da fuck.

On a cheerful note my Senior Citizen paperwork problems are at least on their way to being fixed. As opposed to being finally bleeping settled. I'm told by more experienced elders to get used to this crap.

The system "wants you dead" so they tell me, and will keep fucking with your case trying to kill you. One less mouth, and all that. Not exactly the Welfare State Fox News wants to overthrow.

Anyway Cheers!

Stay Tuned.


  1. I figure they'll keep us alive as long as some insurance or medical corporation can keep draining the public purse on our account.

    To cheer you up, here's a preview of my imminent dental adventures:

    6 fillings
    2 extractions
    2 root canals

    And, if can afford them (requires miracles):

    2 crowns
    2 implants

    I'm *so* looking forward to all this.

    Here's some better cheer:



  2. Ha! I took the short cut...dentures.