Thursday, August 4, 2016

"We're Fucked"

Greetings comrades. Just thought I drop by on this crappy hot August day to tell you all that we're well, and truly fucked..., but you knew that. Me I'm so poor these daze that I'm tempted to vote for Trump.

Btw that's why them pig fuckers support him so much.

I mean other than they'll get to lynch black people again, and rape all the bitches they want, and beat up, and kill fags if he's elected.

Besides that.

They basically support that disturbed maniac because their whole damned world has collapsed.  Their jobs are in Mexico, and China. They're  eating Mac'n cheese or beans, and chicken franks with food stamps. Their kids have no future, and like me they're all going to die hungry cold poor, and sick in a ditch eventually.

So you can see how they're kind á pissed off.

Their ignorance, and stupidity doesn't help. That's where all the raping, and lynching comes in. Yet they have Justice on their a way. The same Justice we all want.

This is why Bernie did so well.

Bernie got people with the same frustrations, and fears. Just his lot went to high school, and knew it was bad manners to use the "N" word. That's pretty much the only difference, and why they both hate Hillary so much.

Hillary, Obama, and the traditional Republican, and Democrats are the bastards that sent everybody's jobs, and futures away. Them greedy oblivious plutocrats even think it was a swell idea. Ya know all that Neo-Liberal world economic unit stuff.

Well that "stuff" killed the American standard of living...did a pretty good job on Europe as well. It was "sort" of good for the rest of the world in a way.

I mean if working a 20 hour shift in Shanghai or Mexico City is viewed as an improvement over eating bugs, and living in a tin shack on the side of a mountain where everything gets washed into the river...including you during the rainy season.

Hey it's win win.

The workers in the West lose their hope for any sort of decent life, and the slaves in the Third World get to make $10. buck a day...if that, and working till they go nuts, and jump out of the window.

China out of concern for their valued worker/slaves installed nets to catch them as they take the leap. Mexico is still debating if it's worth the cost.

To sum up,...we're fucked.

Thank you.

Stay Tuned.


  1. Hey Syd... you always hit the nail on the head! How do you get it so perfectly right? Wow!

  2. hi sidney (Kyo in 100F Osaka here)

    it was said a few days ago on Morning Joe, MSNBC, that when you look at the age of the voters in the recent primary races, Bernie got MORE votes ONLY COUNTING those 30 yr old and younger than Clinton and Trump together. BERNIE (more than) Trump+Clinton

    The Trump supporters maka A BIG DEAL that trump got 5 million votes and this PROVES (to the GOP) that he is the best GOP candidate.

    but we know, only a very small number really votes in the primaries, but TV news blows the event up into being an event to prove something, it does not.

  3. In a closet of the Oval Office sits upon a rocking chair the dessicated corpse of Reagan, like that old hag in the big house that looms above the Bates Motel. Every day the White House staff consults him with a ouja board, and so the Wise Leader steers our course for his ninth consecutive term, guiding with a steady hand the Flying Dutchman that is our ship of state to its final destination: total and absolute ruin.


  4. I'm ill again...pain nausea dizzy, but I'm still thinking, and working for all my beloved comrades!

    A more detailed response to your posts after my meds kick in...loves you all...My Good, and Loyal Subjects.

  5. "Z" you take care of yourself...don't let all this deranged shit upset just get better, and keep the a.c. up high.

  6. Hi Anon. Hey what can I say. I just real smart about some stuff...complete dummy about everything else. Thanks for being there!

  7. Hi Kyo! only hit 100f once here this summer. Otherwise it's always about 85f, and humid. My how I despise summer.

    Anyway as for Trump, and who votes for him.

    Fuck ém.

    They're as old or older than me. They'll be dead soon so bleep them to hell, and I hope they all have incidents of serious incontinence while on public transportation.

    ...the loose wet lumpy kind.