Sunday, August 7, 2016

"Grow the Fuck Up"

I don't buy Hillary hate. It began with the far right 30+ years ago. It grew legs, and now it's a cult of hate, and scary stories. The Republicans have spent hundreds of millions maybe billions by now to take her down.

...and haven't.

This because it was all lies or conspiracy theories. Yeah she works for, and props up the system as it is. At best she's a very mild reformer. Obama. However the mastermind of every disaster that ever

Yeah I know her history.

Relatively speaking it ain't bad. I mean she's no Kissinger. Why isn't there a hate movement against him. He has a vast body count behind him. Many many times larger that anything Hillary could be blamed for.

Also btw. Hillary, and for that matter Obama are the decision makers for the United States of America. Get that? We are an Empire. Internalize that reality. We run the world. Like Britain or even Rome before us. You can't be a nice guy, and do this...we need to grow the fuck up, and understand this. These guys have to order soldiers to their deaths. They have to order actions that they know will kill the innocent, and guilty.

That's the world.

It's not a Be-in. It's a bloody deadly nightmare, and we're lucky we currently have people as sane, and cold bloodedly realistic as Obama, and Hillary. Them, and all those that came before. When we become a small dis-armed minor nation then we can be like Denmark. Until then we are what we are.

To judge our leaders with the childish naïve yardstick of a pacifist affinity group to be nice I'll just say unrealistic. If you like go ahead hate her all you want. Post hateful lying images like above if you like. She is not the villain that the last several decades have made her to be. She's is going to be the President of the United States, and a very good one at that.

She will not be Santa Claus or Fidel or Uncle Bernie...who btw tho' a neat guy would not have made a good president, and he would have died in office. That job makes people 20 years older than they would be if they never ran for it. Anyway she will not be any of these national or leftist fantasies. She will be the President of the United States of America. A nation which is the most powerful player on the planet. ...for now.

( This post was originally a response to the placing of the above distorted hateful fantasy image of Hillary on Facebook by a pal. Sadly he's in the Hate Hillary cult like millions of others. Wanting her in prison or executed is what joins the far right, and left together. Scary devolution of the left that.)

Stay the Fuck Tuned.


  1. hi Kyo here,

    there is a new bullshit documentary called, Clinton Cash" well, there is stillfree speach, which means, we have to use our critical thinking hats, helmets more.

    Please, dont believe the crap conspiracy theories in films like this. And
    also come up with a presidential candidate as mad and unhinged as Donald Trump. I can only
    hope and pray that it is only a minority of Americans that have lost there minds totally, if not be
    afraid, very afraid.

    Why would anyone want to have a lair, thief and cheat as their head of
    state. Trump claims to be for the working man, yet then refuses to pay the working men and
    sub contractors he employees for the work they do for him. He wonts to both cut taxes by over
    20% for the rich 1%, yet increase spending/borrowing. He wonts to create new jobs, yet fails
    to realise that America is and importer not an exporter. So what does he do, but wont to isolate
    the US from the rest of the world. By putting in place numerous travel bans and dropping out of
    programs like the WTO.

  2. Trump is so insane that the Republican power based does not support him. Republican politicians, and important party supporters are publically saying that they will vote for Hillary rather than him.

    This has not ever happened before. This may be the actual end of a major political party.

    This election cycle has turned out to be far more interesting that anyone could have guessed.

    Kyo my friend thank you for being there all these many years. Peace to you,...and go to the Beach before summer ends.