Friday, August 12, 2016

"Hell on Urth"

Getting right to the point. As you can see from our burning sunset it was...with the humidity in the Emerald City 104f today. They tell us that tomorrow it will be,...again because of the humidity effect. It will be 107f to 110f on Saturday.

I had been rationing my air conditioning because of the cost. Well fuck that! The damned thing is on 24/7 till this nightmare passes.

If you live here in town keep the hell hydrated. Put ice in your pets water bowl. Look in on your elder family, and pals. Most of all stay the heck out of the sun.

As you can see above I've ordered the Uncle Sidney Navy to send our Nuclear sub,...which guards these blogs. I've ordered our guys to get as far north as possible. There to wait out this bleeping fire storm.

Btw they said that jogging without precautions may be life threatening. Not that this will stop some of them health fanatics. I think we're going to get some Darwin Award winners, and runners up out of this.

Our good comrade "Bob the Bunny" (tm) is gathering produce from our Fiji ice farms to ship back the sheltering Emerald City to cool our drinks, and sweaty brows.

Speaking of health nuts I remember last summer seeing more that a few on the pavement with EMT folks around them because the were running in the 100f heat,...DON'T!

They just said that this stuff is going to hang around all next week...swell. I can hardly wait.  Remember plenty of liquids, and take it easy. Also for bleeps sakes don't leave 'anything' alive in your damned car during this nightmare...dummies I swear.

Stay Tuned.


  1. I hate heat waves too. I like it sunny, cool & clear. Gloomy weather gets me down.

    I also detest jogging. It is *not* healthy; it's a grim activity that depletes you and is terrible for your joints.