Monday, August 8, 2016


My gawd...destroy them. Smash every last one of the demonic things, and shoot all the engineers that built them! ...I'm not kidding. I mean it. Kill every last android we can find. Then make it a Death Penalty offense to design or build them.

It just creeps me out.

Soon they'll replace nurses administrators teachers, and more with these abominations.  My bleeping gawd the fucking grinning head of the company that builds these evil fucking things sez they'll be doing therapy as well.

"Fucking THERAPY!!"

You think I'm going to confide my fucked up personal shit to a walking toaster?!!!!

These techno maniacs!

They'll call it a marvel call it progress. Instead of the inhuman horror that it is.

Why pay useless human beings when your robot slaves work for nothing?

I think I just found my lunatic fringe calling.

I'll be an anti-robotic maniac!

I'll start a movement of other anti-android maniacs, and we'll storm the research, and development centers. We'll sneak into the engineer's houses. Crawl under their beds when they're asleep, and put cat shit in their slippers.

Not the dry kind, but the fresh yucky sort...yep! 

They wake,...and surprise! However that's just the beginning!


I hates them damned things more than that fucked up X-Box nonsense they addict people to. Why can't kids just play checkers or jerk off like we did?!

You think I'm kidding?!

Well maybe a little. However if I win that Zillion Buck Power Ball mayhem I'd most certainly buy politicians...that's legal now. I'll finance legislation to execute anybody that tries to build these nightmare walking contraptions. And I don't mean maybe!

Stay Bleeping Tuned.


  1. Where's Ted Kaczinski when we need him?


  2. To look on the bright side, our ongoing civilizational collapse and incipient Dark Age will in all likelihood put an end to these things. Once cheap abundant energy and spare parts are unavailable, they won't be viable. Humans are much cheaper to manufacture and fuel. But it may take a while for this reality to set in.


  3. You're wright. Smash all robots.
    Capitalism seems to think humans are dispensable.
    Socialism is yet thinking: what went wrong?
    So we have react. Smash all robots.
    (Will I sound like a maniac if I include all cell-phones, all tablets, all remot controls? Sorry, only robots by now).