Monday, August 15, 2016


It's 86f degrees in my home now at 2:00am.  With the humidity calculated in it was 105f degrees today. 115f over in 'Jersey.

I just went out from my air conditioned bedroom...the air still so very hot. The floor the walls very It's hard to breathe this air.

My breath comes short.

Please folks. You in the Emerald City area. Please be very careful. If you have no A.C. go to one of the many Cooling Centers the City has set up...just go dammit. Some folks have already died in this thing.

If you 'must' go out take water with you. If you can take some extra to share. The Mayor is calling all this an Emergency Condition. Not unlike a heavy storm Blizzard or the like.

Okay...stay frosty.

Stay Tuned.


  1. 115 Fahrenheit in New Jersey?! That's getting to be like goddamn Death Valley! I've never heard of such a thing in my life.


  2. It was 98f. What they do is figure in the effect on your body with the humidity. It was 98f, but your body experiences it as 115f.

    For example it was 102 earlier in the summer", 'but' it was very dry. Even I found that bearable...almost comfortable.

    Without the humidity clogging your pores your body is able to cool properly. With humidity you're just fucked. This is how kids, and older people die in that shit.

    The "THI" The Temperature Humidity Index is what we go by. Drier parts of the country may never have heard of this. However it's life or death for us...literally.

  3. Maybe we would be able to cool off a bit if "Z" started posting to his blog again? I know he's had medical problems but I think this is adding to the "THI" and needs to be addressed. Huh "Z"?

  4. Come to think of it,...Yeah.

    Hey take it easy for sure, but maybe a little something when you're up to it?

    Peace to you dear pal.

  5. Thanks! I'll post more stuff one I've recovered from my upcoming dental surgery. More on this later.