Saturday, August 6, 2016

"True Fax of the Big City"

I get the feeling these buildings are gonna fall on me sometimes. It's a 9/11 thing. I just don't trust these things to stay up anymore. If you stand at the corner of West B'way, and Wall Street, and just look up at the top image here. moves.
Towards you.
Like I sez if you just stare at these guys in a while these things seem to twist towards you. As if the top of the buildings are bending down to touch you. The closer you are the more they bend.
Your brain on it's own moves these things around...well that or they're 'really' bending. Either or both could be true which is fine.
Stay Tuned.


  1. They appear to bend because the human eye is a spheroid. Giant buildings seen close-to fill so much of the field of vision that their straight lines are perceptible as curvature.

    The only undistorted perspective projection is that upon a sphere, with the center of the sphere as the center of projection, and the visual field like a spherical window that receives the image.

    Any surface of projection other than a sphere - a plane, a cone, a cylinder - produces distortion of the image. The mathematics which govern this are the same as those which govern the map projections made by cartographers, and also maps of the sphere of the stars.


  2. Ah...thank you dear friend.'s so neat having smart pals.