Saturday, August 13, 2016

"Hot Barbie!"

What can I say comrade it's the Dog Daze of Summer now. On the up side if we live through this in a month or so the temps should be down to a brisk 86f or 90f.

I can hardly wait.

I better get my shovels, and salt out to be ready! Blizzards coming!

Ah the snow! Most hate it. I loves it. When blanketed with snow the City is so still, and quiet. At least till the trucks buses, and 20 million maniacs tramp through it. Tramping that beauty into an open sewer.

Sorry what with the end of the world, and the heat I'm real grumpy.

I'll be okay after a few gallons of frosty ice tea.

Be back later.

Stay Tuned.

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