Wednesday, August 31, 2016

"Horrors of the 21st Century"

An artificial uterus (or artificial womb) is a device that would allow for extracorporeal pregnancy or extrauterine fetal incubation (EUFI)[1] by growing an embryo or fetus outside of the body of a female organism that would normally internally carry the embryo or fetus to term.

An artificial uterus, as a replacement organ, would have many applications. It could be used to assist male or female couples in the development of a fetus.] This can potentially be performed as a switch from a natural uterus to an artificial uterus, thereby moving the threshold of fetal viability to a much earlier stage of pregnancy.

In this sense, it can be regarded as a neonatal incubator with very extended functions. Also, it can potentially be used for initiation of fetal development. Furthermore, it could avail for performing, for example, fetal surgery procedures at an early stage instead of having to postpone them until term of pregnancy.

Okay never mind the numerous local genocides the Climate Change disasters already starting to pin the meter, and the generally fucked up crap of these times.

Now we have some really interesting shit.

Not even something as fun, and simple as "Soylent Green is People!" Naw we went one better. We can grow our own now. I just read in some Geek online 'zine how all the noise above...from Wikipedia btw. I just gandered about the Brave new World about to come bursting out of our chests.

This to the applause of "Geekdom" everywhere.

Okay time to start a movement that's not anti-science per-say. However most certainly anti-Frankenstein/Alien/Matrix science. I think all the researchers engineers funders hangers on, and assorted ghouls behind this sort of hellish shit. The soulless shells of humans behind this, and the other nightmare anti-life technology out there. 

It's time to for thoughtful compassionate trials of these persons. Very public honest unbiased trials.

After which we'll hang these mutant demons with piano wire from the Brooklyn Bridge on Halloween night.

It's just the right thing to do.

Stay Tuned.