Tuesday, August 30, 2016

"Chelsea WW1 Memorial"

The Chelsea WW1 Memorial on 29th street here in the Emerald City is overgrown with weeds, and grass. The entrance is locked. Has been for years. The "War to End all Wars" ...wasn't. The immense sacrifices these men made were in vain as wars never stopped.

That, and at least in this country. The centennial of the Great War goes by un-noticed. Worse than being merely demeaned all those souls are utterly forgotten.

These addendums.

From my Facebook page in answer to questions about this Memorial.

  1. Yeah it's right in front of the Health Building. At 9th, and 29th Street across from the Holy Apostles Church. However it's locked off. I had to use the zoom to get the shots.
  2. They ought to unlock it pull the damned weeds, and mow the lawn. Folks might like to place flowers for their ancestors that fought. it's 100 years nearly since America entered the war...1917.
  3. Though it raged since August 1914.
  4. Single battles consumed up to, and over a million souls killed wounded or missing. it was madness. Soldiers on both sides forced to attack positions of massed machine guns, and artillery in the open.
  5. ...utter madness.

  1. After WW2 our tradition of non-intervention ended. We found ourselves the only intact industrial nation left on earth. Everyone else was either in ruins or broke. It fell to us to insure a WW never happened again.
  2. We had to deal with the real or imagined spheres of influence that came out of the wreckage of WW2. ...hence the very bloody era of proxy wars. Aka the Cold War. We're still in the post cold war chaos.
  3. Basically WW1, and WW2 plus the proxy wars, and their aftermaths of which the current Terror War is a part. These are what is finally being recognized as the Second 100 Years War. 1898~2001. 
  4. The dates vary depending on which historian you happen to trip over. The first of course was from 1347~1453. Plus the chaos of another 50 years or more.
  5. We're in the post conflict chaos of that second 100 years war now.

  6. Thing is being part of history actually blinds us to it. One has to calmly step back, and look at as much of the big picture as we know. See all the connections, and drawn conclusions. All those 20th century conflicts, and now the spill overs of the 21st were, and are 'not' separate events...they were/are all very much connected.

  7. As for the 100 years Peace,...well we'll see.

Stay Tuned.

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