Sunday, August 28, 2016

"Color of Blood"

This child this boy 10 year old was mistaken for a 20 year old man. The Police in Newark NJ chased him, and cornered him in an ally pistols, and shotguns pointed at him.

10,...get that TEN years old.

they mistook him for a 20 year old felon they were looking for. If not for neighbors who saw what was happening intervening this child would be dead now.

They the cops said "he fit the description."

Holy Christ in a shit house. " the description?!" Reminds me of when I was busted more than half a century ago by similar thinking. I was six years old...fucking SIX.

The charges were assault, I was six, and three feet tall, robbery...I already had my allowance, and resisting arrest. I was crying hysterically.

If the culture of shoot first, and fuck the lawyers were going on back then I would never have lived to cause so much gleeful trouble. As it thankfully is the child the 10 year old is still alive.

No apology no compensation no fucking nothing...just a curt remark to the mother. "If you want to pursue this make out a report",...and they left to find someone else to shoot dead.

Yeah I know being a cop especially these days is a hellish thankless impossible job. However even soldiers in war draw the line at gunning down kids without cause.

Here's a what if for ya.

Try to imagine this happening in an upscale white area. Try to imagine a blond headed freckle faced white boy cornered in an alley way with cops with shotguns, and pistols drawn on him...because he, " the description."

What's that, can't imagine?

Okay then take the time to connect the dots as to 'how' you "can't imagine" such a thing.

Stay Tuned.

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