Wednesday, August 17, 2016

"Hillary Killed Lincoln!"

The latest charge against Mrs. Clinton was reported by Fox host Sean Hannity, who said that the evidence of her role in the Lincoln assassination came mainly in the form of e-mails.

According to Mr. Hannity, “If it’s true that Hillary Clinton killed Lincoln, this could have a major impact on her chances in 2016.”

Satan news Service.


I Knew It !!

She has a Time Machine that Bill forced Microsoft build for her. She uses it to change all of history! Did you know that the Edsel was once the most popular car in world history...more than the VW bug! Hillary went back, and had them put that stupid grill on the front, and it was curtains for the damned thing.

She killed Walt Disney too! ...okay that wasn't so bad.

However she went to 1968, and convinced NBC to cancel "Star Trek"! She also went back to 1985, and stopped Good Humor from putting out their Cannabis cone! That alone would have caused a revolution that gave the whole world peace freedom, and prosperity.

Well she put the Kibosh on that!

Also ever wonder where the Pinto Flesh Colored! New Coke "Howard the Duck", and Mood Rings really came from,...right.

This just in! Crooked Hillary Satan's candidate for Empress of the World is caught in a deal to sell humanity to them saucer guy Space Aliens!

We're to be used as luncheon meat, and circus animals. Empress Hilary gets a big cut of our sale, and is to be our cruel Mistress...Forever!

Not only that, but she stole my skate key beat me up took my lunch money, and ate my dog! In fact she came back broke in, and had the gold fish the cat, and my hamster..."Louie" for desert!

Further...Vatican sources say Hillary is a demon vampire cannibal! Prince Charles admits she was Jack the Ripper! Hillary sez, "...Yeah so what." Such honesty. This is why she has my Vote!

Hey with sweaty demented enemies like Bleeping ass Trump the Klan the Nazi Party, and the rest of them wackadoodle maniacs on the far  right, and the conspiracy deluded I'd let Bernie fuck me up the ass far left how bad could she be?  Well okay pretty bad, but still.

Stand by for further developments.

Eh,...actually I'm thinking of a certain Mouse for my Vote.

Stay Tuned.


  1. She probably got Gandhi & Julius Caesar too.


  2. Sidney! When do we get to watch capitalism collapse? I can hardly wait.


  3. Regardless of which imbecile wins this election, the collapse will come and it is very unlikely to be pleasant.

  4. I figure anyone who can make it to a small hippie beach town Uruguay that's not too connected with global banking will probably be OK. But those in NYC & other global nerve centers will have a front row seat. Places that don't have far to fall won't fall far. Conclusion: when capitalism collapses, watch from a safe distance if you are able to do so.