Wednesday, July 30, 2014

"Summer in the Emerald City"

Greetings comrades sorry I haven't been around matter of both health, and sanity ya know. Anyway I'm fit as a fiddle these days or as fit as a fiddle that been shoved into a wood chipper then dumped into a furnace then eaten by dogs crapped out then mixed into the crap they call hamburgers.

Other than that I'm just swell thanks.

These next few posts are some shots of "Bob the Bunny" (tm) hanging out with "Coney Island Barbie", and "Cowgirl Betty",...I think that's her name. Anyway they, and I your comrade behind the camera went on a doctor approved trip the 'Isle of Coney' or what's left of it. It's barely a fifth the size that it used to be, but still does the trick for freaked out, and tired comrades of this steamy bleep hole the Great, and Wondrous Emerald City!

In my absence the world went to hell as I notice. Hell, and slaughter everywhere. I ought to sue. Well somebody ought to!  Death mayhem, and gross cruel murder.

This shit is so bad it even shut 'me' up.

What the hell can anybody say to this insanity. Whole parts of the world are lost in a maze of slaughter unthinkable stupidity madness, and cruelty.

Sorry I just don't have the words today...pray maybe or go out into the street, and demand SANITY! 

Anyway I loves ya all.

Stay tuned.

"Surf's Up!"

"Bob the Bunny Goes to the Beach!"

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


"The Gentle"

"Don't let them go"

  1. I was out, and about a while ago, and happened to see some soldiers wandering about.  My gawd they’re babies. Granted ‘everybody’ looks like a baby to me these days. However these guys were for real babies. 

    Certainly not out of their teens.

    All over the the world in our assorted eternal war zones young boys too many not even ‘in’ their teens yet have been devoured by war. Eaten by the evil men addicted to blood, and flesh.

    I saw a You Tube video of some demented madman training children to butcher, and kill…I mean just that. The maniac said, and demonstrated how to use the machete for effect. This was in one of those genocidal areas of Africa. 

    I was stunned silent.

    Granted this is nothing particularly new. We’ve been at organized butchery for maybe six seven thousand years. All this started roughly the same time we developed agriculture. Makes sense that. You have a store of grain you’ll have organized armed men that will kill everybody in the village to take it.

    What I’m on about is that Queers should rule the World. Women too. Women would on the whole not allow their sons to go out to butcher, and be butchered. Queers would never allow all those beautiful men, and boys to do any of that madness either.

    Simple solution to a long standing problem.

    No…no big finish. Just don’t let the boys go is all. Stand in front of the troop planes, and trains just stop it. Stop it!

    We all really have much more important, and better things to do. So do the boys, and men.

    Stay tuned.

(Btw I wrote these two, and below while over on my Queer blog. I happened to be there when all of this hit me. I wrote where I was. I point, and clicked it over here. A little worse for wear.)

The Brit grunt above...what is he?! He looks 14 for heavens sake. I know they take them younger there than here, but so young for combat duties. Seems we're no better that the barbarian armies I mentioned seeing on You Tube.

Stay Tuned. 

"Die You Dirty Grunt" Doll'n play sets


    Just as I say it’s time for a line of Sissy Boy dolls it’s way past time for seriously realistic war toys. Namely the “Die You Dirty Grunt Doll!” This realistic correct to scale model toy soldier comes with replica weapons uniforms, and assorted tools for slow agonizing death.

    When your “Dirty Grunt” doll gets the ever popular "flesh wound" your special boy or girl will find out that it’s anything, but nothing as portrayed in the movies.

    Your “Dirty Grunt” doll will scream call for his mother cruse the day he was born excrete liquid, and solid wastes to say nothing of copious amounts of realistic blood. Yep it’s code yellow brown, and red in the trenches when your realistic toy soldier catches some white hot chunks of shrapnel  in his face chest, and groin.

    Of course there’s the Artillery Mortar 20mm, and wounds that your Dirty Grunt will certainly sustain as real Grunts do.

    No screaming this time as he’s instantly dead what with his legs arms genitals face hands feet, and guts are sprayed all over the realistic “Dirty Grunt Play Battle Field”,…lithium batteries extra.

    Yes a toy whose time is long overdo. Let the future volunteers or potential draftees of the future know what waiting for the just around the corner.

    As they say, “…Yes kids tell your Mom or Dad you want the “Die you Dirty Grunt” doll, and Play Set. That or our new line of History series play sets. “Bataan Death March” “The Wake Island Slaughter” or “Cattle Car to Hell” Final Solution Train Set.
    Stay Tuned.

"Duck Soup"

Greetings comrades. I'm still breathing as I hope all of you swell cats are. That's what conspire means..."to breath together". Yep that us okay. Btw I'm shopping for a new shrink after the current one wanted to put me on hard schizophrenic dope.

He knows I'm not Bi-polar or schizo, but thinks this stuff will'll help me turn into a zombie is what it'll help me do. So it's second opinion time.  If it ain't one thing it's another.

Otherwise all the toxic crap they're shooting into me seems to be doing the trick as I'm not dying as much as I had been...this is I think a good thing. 

I'm seriously happy to be walking around alive albeit generally pissed off, and bored. 'Being put in a pizza oven...that's what they look like 'swear to gawd. 

Being shoved into one of them things, and shake'n baked for cremation don't sound like fun. I sure hope I'm seriously dead...not a little dead but 'very' totally completely kicked the bucket dead when they fry me.

Getting cooked while even somewhat alive don't sound like fun. I mean even 'less' fun than having to put up with the dreary bullshit of the day to day crap. 

Ain't life grand.

Well actually it is considering the alternative. It's raining like hell in the Emerald city. Has been, and will be for a while yeah so no Coney Island as I planned for today. It's stuck in the 90+'s too. 

The rain ain't cooling bleep off...well it 'is' July.

I'm home ill yucky watching the "Cosmos" series DVD's having seriously weird dreams , and generally taking up space.

....yeah I'm a tad depressed right now.

Oh if only I could slip an ice cream cone into my seriously restricted diet. Aw well back to the mush.

More as events warrant.

Stay tuned.

"Bob & Barbie Make~Up"

Well Bob the Bunny, (tm), and Parisian Barbie made up after all the hell on the set of "B. t. B. has a hobby"...see post below. All that firing of projectile farts, and yell'n, hollering throwing props at each other, and such.

Speaking of that shoot. Yeah that one didn't go over too good around here. Transvestite Bunnies seems to have cross a line I didn't see. Heck I should have just posted the damned thing on my Queer page, and been done with it.

'But I digress.

Well dear old Bob finally got home,...alive. Remember there was some question about that at the end of the last installment. Anyhow when Bob the Bunny came to three days later...Peyote/Meth cocktails are a bitch.

As I sez.

When Bob was conscious again he "Bunnied up", and called Parisian Barbie, and said he was sorry'n all. Especially for taking a dump in her box of Mayfair custom made Deluxe French Chocolate Bonbons.

Interesting. Bunny turds are identical to French Bonbons in every way. Eh except taste, and smell. Anyway he said he was sorry.

So all is well As you can see our happy couple is seen here on their outing together to the Caravaggio exhibition at the Met. They then went over to D.U.M.B.O. where they dine on a swell'n swanky meal of deep fried squid suckers...yummy!

Stay Tuned.

Saturday, July 12, 2014


"Bob the Bunny has a Little Hobby"

Well hey everybody has their little "thing" don't they. Me it's dolls, and happy memories of hard drugs, and loud music. Any of which would kill me in 15 minutes today...but oh the memories.

However "Bob the Bunny"(tm), our pal, and Hero lives in the here, and now. He does that in heels, and a tiara!  Yep the Rabbit of the People besides everything else has a taste for the "Wild Side"...cue Lou Reed.

Who knew that he was the Heroic Bunny, and Savior of the Masses by Day!...and "Kiki La Rouche" wise'n seductive Cyber Spy, and Transvestite by Night!

Bob or Kiki is just back from Rabat Morocco where he made the connection with “Vlad the Russian” for the Snowden hard drives that have the final proof of the treaty between the Republicans, and Satan.

This so that them Nazi bleeps will get off easy when the "Tribulation" comes…yeah that’s coming. But then anyone who’s paying attention knows that.

Eh that's Bob aka Kiki in the last image below passed out after the sweaty traumatic photo sessions. 

The hot lights the numerous though identical costume changes. That, the many set changes. However most of all the endless arguments with the Art Director that bitch "Parisian Barbie".  

See Bob here was mostly drunk or stoned on the set. Yeah sure he's a nice guy, but all that hell he went through in Afghanistan back in '03, and '04 left their mark if ya know what I mean.

Anyway this is why Parisian Barbie is always giving him hell. "I can't work with Junkies" she's always screaming.  Bob just farts in her face , and calls her a, '...stuck up Cunt Bitch! from the low rent district of Vichy!"

Yeah a toxic set to be sure.

Actually our hero here in most of these photos is mercifully unconscious. This after various long, and perhaps too interesting Voodoo Buddhist Catholic Peyote ceremonies.  Bob insists all this mayhem is just his "religion", and V.A. rehab.

Yeah maybe. 

Anyway Bob the Bunny or Kiki is being propped up in most of these shots by 2x4's, and a shot of  adrenalin behind each eyeball to make him "appear" awake. 

After the shoot the stage manager drove him to the bus station, and dumped him on a bench. We assume we got home alive because we haven't heard from the coroner. ...yet.

Stay tuned.

Sez Bob the Bunny to all this, "...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ,..Burp,...ZZZZZZZZ.


"The Next Round"

Well Palestine, and Israel are at it again. Yeah yeah it's a mistake to even bring this up. One is heart-broken at the murderous madness of it all. These guys are addicted to blood. Neither will give an inch, and both have "Gawd" on their side.

Even worse they have Holy Scripture to prove it.  

So their totally fucked. Once the rubes think their doing that Bastard's Will there's 'No' Crime they won't commit.  With the Boss of Bosses giving the nod to Hell on Earth "Look Out!!"

What was the Holocaust, but a continuation of the Medieval Religious Wars mixed in with the ancient anti-Jewish Blood Libel that they killed that Jesus guy...I always thought it was the Romans.

Okay we'll see where this "round" goes.

"You kill my kids, I kill your kids."

My pals are mostly anti-Israeli. To me that smacks of Jew Hate. Okay yeah yeah they say that's 'Not' where they're at...,yes yes I know.

'But ya has to understand me.

See for someone in my generation born at the end of WW2 I see, and hear shit real different. The Camps,...I mean "THE CAMPS!" were liberated just a few years ago when I was a kid. That whirlwind from Hell was a formative thing for a lot of us. I grew up surrounded by the survivors.

All of the Jewish adults in my life had those green numbers tattooed on their arms. 

I remember some of the numbers were done by hand so were in script others seems like a machine did it. They were a kind of medium to dark turquoises green, but sometimes fading to a kind of blue. Turning blue I guess with the years.

So my dear comrades this all this is not remote not out of a book or TV documentary history to me. It's a living thing. 

To me, and a generation of both Jews, and thoughtful Goy,(...hey I was a full-time Sabbos Goy as a kid).  To me, and others of the time Israel was the Hope. Now how it got started all the fighting, and death, and the grand loss of land by the Palestinians. I didn't understand as a youngster.

All I knew was that there was finally a safe place for the Jewish people. 

Tell ya a story...a vignette. In Harlem back in the early-mid 20th century there was a Black Jewish Community in Harlem. They were well known at the time, and very respected.

My Mom lived near them as a young girl. She told me of one day seeing their Chief Rabbi  walking down Lenox Avenue in the middle of the street. He was dazed, and weeping.

Well there was a to-do..cops ambulance all that. What had happened was that he had just been given evidence of what the Nazi's were doing to Jews in Europe. This was 1938. Most didn't know or didn't believe or chose not to believe.

You know how that goes.

Anyway it was too much for him, and he went weeping into the street. My Mom told me this, and other things so I would understand what hatred can do not just to people, but to whole countries.

Does this excuse the mad polices of

Do the cruelties of Israel to the Palestinians justify their revenge

However does it make all the violence understandable..yes.

Israel...the Jewish Nation feels in it core it's bones it's soul that it can 'never' be at the mercy of anyone else...not ever again. It can't afford to care what the world thinks of it. 

They only have to lose 'one' war to be blotted from History.

Palestine feels 'exactly precisely'  the same here we are. The next round.

Stay tuned.

Friday, July 11, 2014

"Mail Call!"

Greetings comrades. Well my email situation is back to it's old boring normal self, and open for business. is my "open to fans" mail box.

Go there to complain or slip me recipes. The others are for business, and secret communication with the Greys.

Love kisses, and cute little bunny rabbits to you all!

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

"Stay Tuned"

Btw gang my two email addresses are gone or locked. This happens. Anyway I'll set up a couple of new ones in a day ot two...I'm too tired to bother now.

I'll let you know.