Wednesday, July 9, 2014

"A Rabbit for Our Times"

Here our hero is rushing off to JFK to fly to the Annual Fictitious Characters Assembly in Mexico City. This has been held secretly for many decades. Puppets Dolls Cartoon Characters, and assorted fictional personalities are essentially immortal. This being so they have been the force behind Civilization.

 They 'are' the famous "THEY" everyone refers to.

Indeed. These guys with they're long lifespans have been trying to make Humanity just a little bit nicer than they are. True they make mistakes...that Nixon guy New Coke Crack Raves Flesh Colored Band-aids in the 50's...oops they were all pink, and then there's the Nazi experiment that went seriously south.

However on the whole though it's been working out.

Ball point pens the Polio Vaccine Slinkies 3D glasses Color TV Graham Crackers the Stonewall Riots the Civil Rights Movement Microwave Popcorn, and flavored Condoms are, but a few of the innovations these shadowy beings have given the world.

As Bob the Bunny told Edward Snowden in a secret interview, “…The whole idea is to make Humanity fit for the rest of the universe. There’s plenty of folks out there, and if they meet people as they are now,…well you’ve seen them Alien flicks.”

Bob went on. “If what we’re doing pans out then eventually everybody will be living like the “Jetsons”. Imagine the South Sudan with a Cholesterol problem. Granted it’s tuff work, but worth it, and beside we have the time.

Stay tuned.

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