Wednesday, July 9, 2014

"Age of Miracles"

Greetings dear Comrades well it's my bleeping Birthday. I'm closer to 100 than I am to 20. As the saying goes I've been to a Race Riot a Be-In a Moon Landing, and a Rodeo.

So I've seen it all,...mostly.

'Saw our Empire at it absolute height!  Everybody had a job nobody ever heard of no Homeless neat cars with fins all over the place cheap gas Polio, and diseases that plagued humanity for millennia kicked to the curb. 

We was sending up all sorts of satellites. For Christ's sakes milk, and doughnuts was delivered to ya front door...the damn milk came in glass bottles , and Disney was in Color! 

Comrades I tell ya it was an age of Miracles!

Truly I'm so sorry for those of you not there for the swell mayhem we enjoyed. Ha! We has zillions of bleeping H-Bombs, and scads of shiny new B-52's to shove them up anybody's butt that gave us shit!

We didn't give a a rats ass if they liked us or not...We Owned the World kiddies.

'Course today everything is like fried shit, and cat piss with onions. Everything is too expensive, and it's always too hot. Yep welcome to the future. Not to be confused with what they promised us back at the 1964/5 Worlds Fair.

Watch the You Tube footage below, and weep. 

That was 'supposed' to be your world, but the shit hit the fan instead. Granted the 1% of the 1% got the goodies of that future, but the rest of us got kicked back to 1932 albeit with a web connection.

Aw well. At least I'm still more or less breathing to be pissed off, and complain to the whole world. Potentially that's what the thing you're looking at now is supposed to do, and on rare occasion does. 

Occupy ,and the Arab Spring used it to good measure back in the day. Evil dictatorships like China North Korea, and assorted school boards, and wacko churches do their best to curb or outright shut down this damned thing.

Not as easy as they think.

Hey com'on the web was designed to survive a light to moderate Nuclear War! So assorted presidents for life, and hayseed book burners ain't exactly a threat.

Anyway Happy B'day to me! I'm still alive, and they say full of piss'n vinegar.

I'm also in a Rabbit puppet phase. Don't worry I'll get over it. Just be patient.

Stay tuned. 

Oh the amazing weird shit that could have been!


  1. Happy birthday Sidney!


  2. Thanks Comrade. I'm going out today to hang out, and sweat heavily. Hey I'm alive to do it so it's all biscuits, and gravy!

  3. I have it on good authority that thanks to the Glorious People's Revolution the .01 percent are imminently going to cough it up, share and share alike, and we'll all be fabulously wealthy, just like in those great pix. We know you want to be around for that, so don't eat any bad food!

    BTW, atomic cars were probably never a good idea, and as for push-button education, the lamentable results are all around us, texting on the bus. But I could go for those fabulous Zeppelin airships. Seems to me they had those back in 1932..? But they did *not* have Polio vaccine. We gotta keep that.


  4. Happy Birthday Sidney!