Wednesday, July 9, 2014

"What Dolls Mean to me Means to me"

There's one of my favorite little guys up there. I adopted her from Targets which is to say that's where I bought her some years back.

Okay yeah yeah I love dolls, and puppets. They're easier company that human bipeds, and dogs. I like cats, but am too nuts to take care of one of them right now...maybe in a while after I move next spring.

Yeah the Great Move is put off till Spring 2015!


That sounds like the title of a science fiction novel to a comrade of my years. Something that would have appeared as a short story in "Amazing" or "Galaxy" if they're still being printed.

I have a friend that does a radio, and web TV program called "Life as Science Fiction.  Well is. Just look around you. Filter it through the eyes of say a person from 1950 or 70 or even 1990.

Yeah this is some serious weird bleep we're living in.

As for dolls, and puppets...they on the whole don't give you shit don't stand you up, or eat the last of the pie in the fridge...mostly.

Still I do look forward to the "Cat Project" after the coming traumatic move, and general re-settlement of my brittle bones.

Stay tuned.

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