Tuesday, July 15, 2014

"Bob & Barbie Make~Up"

Well Bob the Bunny, (tm), and Parisian Barbie made up after all the hell on the set of "B. t. B. has a hobby"...see post below. All that firing of projectile farts, and yell'n, hollering throwing props at each other, and such.

Speaking of that shoot. Yeah that one didn't go over too good around here. Transvestite Bunnies seems to have cross a line I didn't see. Heck I should have just posted the damned thing on my Queer page, and been done with it.

'But I digress.

Well dear old Bob finally got home,...alive. Remember there was some question about that at the end of the last installment. Anyhow when Bob the Bunny came to three days later...Peyote/Meth cocktails are a bitch.

As I sez.

When Bob was conscious again he "Bunnied up", and called Parisian Barbie, and said he was sorry'n all. Especially for taking a dump in her box of Mayfair custom made Deluxe French Chocolate Bonbons.

Interesting. Bunny turds are identical to French Bonbons in every way. Eh except taste, and smell. Anyway he said he was sorry.

So all is well As you can see our happy couple is seen here on their outing together to the Caravaggio exhibition at the Met. They then went over to D.U.M.B.O. where they dine on a swell'n swanky meal of deep fried squid suckers...yummy!

Stay Tuned.


  1. Glad they're enjoying the boffo nude angel pix.

    She probably just needs to chill on the set with a beer, but is afraid of gaining weight. As for Bob - small beer, and cold turkey on the meth.


  2. P.S. - Bob and Barbie Make-up sounds like a good name for a line of cosmetics.

    Maybe she felt challenged in her femininity by Bob's cross-dressing; or maybe she didn't like him lip-synching that song by Divine, especially the part where it says "...you weren't man enough to satisfy me." I can't imagine Charlie saying a thing like that.


  3. Naw Charlie'd 'never' do that!

    As for Parisian Barbie well she has issues.

    Bob cut close to the truth with that crack about her coming from the slums of Vichy...she did. Also she seeing Bob strong, and self assured while in combat fatigues or a tutu did challenge her self-image in a big way.

    Her going on about his dope craze was a smoke screen for the real issues...of course Bob knew this which is why he deliberately egged her on. This to make her face her true self.

    However she's a self-made doll with a tub of dough, and some attitude to go with it.

    Bob the Bunny is a tough guy from the Brooklyn waterfront who's seen, and done everything. He's just what she needs to chill, and be her self!

    Stay tuned for the next episode of Bob the Bunny,... "Back Door Daddy!"