Wednesday, July 30, 2014

"Surf's Up!"


  1. I know what that is! That's an airship mooring tower for a dirigible that'll take us out of this crazy insane violent place and away to New Arcady, where love is always in style and artists are honored and showered with presents. They'll bring us fruit and ice cream and fancy clothes that fit us perfectly & put on dance shows for us full of lissome lads who are scantily clad.

    As our airship pulls higher and higher on its way to the stars and the planet recedes beneath us, we'll say: "We know what they do to people like *us* down there. I'm never going back!"

    On the other hand, I think Coney Island means Rabbit Island, doesn't it? So Bob may feel at home there.


  2. "Rabbit Island". Humm come to think of it I think that may be the real name! Ah as for the airship to Paradise sign me up!

    I'll tell the pilot..."Take us to the United States of America...the ''Real One, and Step On It!!!!!"

    Stay Tuned.