Tuesday, July 15, 2014

"Duck Soup"

Greetings comrades. I'm still breathing as I hope all of you swell cats are. That's what conspire means..."to breath together". Yep that us okay. Btw I'm shopping for a new shrink after the current one wanted to put me on hard schizophrenic dope.

He knows I'm not Bi-polar or schizo, but thinks this stuff will help...it'll help me turn into a zombie is what it'll help me do. So it's second opinion time.  If it ain't one thing it's another.

Otherwise all the toxic crap they're shooting into me seems to be doing the trick as I'm not dying as much as I had been...this is I think a good thing. 

I'm seriously happy to be walking around alive albeit generally pissed off, and bored. 'Being put in a pizza oven...that's what they look like 'swear to gawd. 

Being shoved into one of them things, and shake'n baked for cremation don't sound like fun. I sure hope I'm seriously dead...not a little dead but 'very' totally completely kicked the bucket dead when they fry me.

Getting cooked while even somewhat alive don't sound like fun. I mean even 'less' fun than having to put up with the dreary bullshit of the day to day crap. 

Ain't life grand.

Well actually it is considering the alternative. It's raining like hell in the Emerald city. Has been, and will be for a while yeah so no Coney Island as I planned for today. It's stuck in the 90+'s too. 

The rain ain't cooling bleep off...well it 'is' July.

I'm home ill yucky watching the "Cosmos" series DVD's having seriously weird dreams , and generally taking up space.

....yeah I'm a tad depressed right now.

Oh if only I could slip an ice cream cone into my seriously restricted diet. Aw well back to the mush.

More as events warrant.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Love the dino pic.

    Speaking of underclass medical care, I just got denti-care or whatever it's called. I need four crowns. Wish they'd give me morphine, but no dice - just that numbing stuff that makes you drool out one side of your mouth half the day. Bummer!