Tuesday, July 15, 2014

"Die You Dirty Grunt" Doll'n play sets


    Just as I say it’s time for a line of Sissy Boy dolls it’s way past time for seriously realistic war toys. Namely the “Die You Dirty Grunt Doll!” This realistic correct to scale model toy soldier comes with replica weapons uniforms, and assorted tools for slow agonizing death.

    When your “Dirty Grunt” doll gets the ever popular "flesh wound" your special boy or girl will find out that it’s anything, but nothing as portrayed in the movies.

    Your “Dirty Grunt” doll will scream call for his mother cruse the day he was born excrete liquid, and solid wastes to say nothing of copious amounts of realistic blood. Yep it’s code yellow brown, and red in the trenches when your realistic toy soldier catches some white hot chunks of shrapnel  in his face chest, and groin.

    Of course there’s the Artillery Mortar 20mm, and 50.cal wounds that your Dirty Grunt will certainly sustain as real Grunts do.

    No screaming this time as he’s instantly dead what with his legs arms genitals face hands feet, and guts are sprayed all over the realistic “Dirty Grunt Play Battle Field”,…lithium batteries extra.

    Yes a toy whose time is long overdo. Let the future volunteers or potential draftees of the future know what waiting for the just around the corner.

    As they say, “…Yes kids tell your Mom or Dad you want the “Die you Dirty Grunt” doll, and Play Set. That or our new line of History series play sets. “Bataan Death March” “The Wake Island Slaughter” or “Cattle Car to Hell” Final Solution Train Set.
    Stay Tuned.

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