Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Bob the Bunny, and his gal Dubteppia Frankenstein,...long story see below. Our heroes beat a hasty exit from the howling mob of reporters bent on blood!

(They're seen above slipping out the rear stage door of

This after Bob the Bunny in an interview divulged the truth about Santa Claus the frigging Tooth Fairy, and his useless brother-in-law the Easter Bunny, and other well known real, and imagined cultural personalities. 

Seems they're all working for not only Satan the Mob the CIA NSA the Phone Company Mattel Toys the Pope, and Apple. 

'But have been keeping detailed dossiers on 'all' their clients, ...that's you'n me, through 'all' their lives, and regularly handed this priceless information over the the aforementioned personalities, and agencies.

As you can imagine this has caused something of a stir.

Rumor is that our heroic couple may try to get diplomatic asylum in the Venezuelan Embassy like that Wikileaks guy. 

More on this breaking story as developments warrant.

Stay tuned.

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