Wednesday, July 9, 2014

"Bob the Bunny Goes on a Date"

Bob the Bunny, and his sweetheart Dubteppia Frankenstein,...yeah 'that' Frankenstein. Seems the gal is the Great Great Great Grand Daughter of the world famous undead deranged scary guy, and "civil servant".

Frankenstein taught high school for a few years out west somewhere. Physical Ed., and Algebra I hear. He was also a bus driver in Cincinnati back in the 70's sometime.

So with his school, and transit pensions along with the residuals from the movies, and the merchandizing of his image. Plus the off the books pay offs from the Army, he was a "Secret Weapon" for the OSS against them Nazi Bastards.

With all that stuff, and the full medical from the V.A. he's one secure undead monster.)

Anyhow our heroes up there really hit it off with each other. 

This with they're having so much in common. They were both manufactured as opposed to being hatched or born. Both Liberal Green Democrats. Vegetarians, "Doctor Who Fans", and they're both Shamanic Buddhist Catholics.

(Turns out most cartoon characters trade marked dolls, and fictional animals are members of this faith. ...well okay some of the more out there puppets, and cartoon folks are Cannibal Vampire Methodist,...reformed.)

Also as Bob sez, "...not having genitals seriously simplifies matters."

Again being built as opposed to all that messy flesh, and bones jazz is a neat break for our pals. None of that demented need to deal with gender orientation, and the compulsive need to fuck ya brains out 24/7, 365.

Sez Dubteppia, "...If we ever wants kids we can just sew a few together like my Grandpa was."

Our pals are freed from the nutty "Bleep till you Drop World" so they can pay more attention to the more important things like Backgammon making pipe bombs, and writing bad plays. 

Well sure drinking heavily, and driving fast cars comes into the picture regularly.

Dubteppia has a 1936 hand made sky blue Bugatti. Her Grandpa bought it from Mary Pickford with the dough from his first monster movie. Anyway Bob, and "Dubbie" can often be seen speeding around mid-town in the middle of the night.

(That mystery car that rammed the front window of Tiffany's at 3:am Christmas Eve last year, well,...ahem.)  

Don't get me wrong though our swell couple are nice folks. 

They spend most of their time at home Bob working on his plays, and Dubteppia banging away on her latest effort. Something called the "Undead Cook Book".

Well yeah okay they have they're little vices. Bob the Bunny does a bit of Peyote, for religious reasons, and "Dubbie" has a touch of crank now'n then for her writers block. "It does da trick!" sez our sweety.

When they're not stoned out of their minds meditating at the Shamanic Temple or driving backwards on the sidewalk at 80mph they're home watching bootleg "Doctor Who" episodes like everyone else.

Stay Tuned.

  (Yep he's one handsome Rabbit!)

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