Saturday, July 12, 2014

"Bob the Bunny has a Little Hobby"

Well hey everybody has their little "thing" don't they. Me it's dolls, and happy memories of hard drugs, and loud music. Any of which would kill me in 15 minutes today...but oh the memories.

However "Bob the Bunny"(tm), our pal, and Hero lives in the here, and now. He does that in heels, and a tiara!  Yep the Rabbit of the People besides everything else has a taste for the "Wild Side"...cue Lou Reed.

Who knew that he was the Heroic Bunny, and Savior of the Masses by Day!...and "Kiki La Rouche" wise'n seductive Cyber Spy, and Transvestite by Night!

Bob or Kiki is just back from Rabat Morocco where he made the connection with “Vlad the Russian” for the Snowden hard drives that have the final proof of the treaty between the Republicans, and Satan.

This so that them Nazi bleeps will get off easy when the "Tribulation" comes…yeah that’s coming. But then anyone who’s paying attention knows that.

Eh that's Bob aka Kiki in the last image below passed out after the sweaty traumatic photo sessions. 

The hot lights the numerous though identical costume changes. That, the many set changes. However most of all the endless arguments with the Art Director that bitch "Parisian Barbie".  

See Bob here was mostly drunk or stoned on the set. Yeah sure he's a nice guy, but all that hell he went through in Afghanistan back in '03, and '04 left their mark if ya know what I mean.

Anyway this is why Parisian Barbie is always giving him hell. "I can't work with Junkies" she's always screaming.  Bob just farts in her face , and calls her a, '...stuck up Cunt Bitch! from the low rent district of Vichy!"

Yeah a toxic set to be sure.

Actually our hero here in most of these photos is mercifully unconscious. This after various long, and perhaps too interesting Voodoo Buddhist Catholic Peyote ceremonies.  Bob insists all this mayhem is just his "religion", and V.A. rehab.

Yeah maybe. 

Anyway Bob the Bunny or Kiki is being propped up in most of these shots by 2x4's, and a shot of  adrenalin behind each eyeball to make him "appear" awake. 

After the shoot the stage manager drove him to the bus station, and dumped him on a bench. We assume we got home alive because we haven't heard from the coroner. ...yet.

Stay tuned.

Sez Bob the Bunny to all this, "...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ,..Burp,...ZZZZZZZZ.

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