Friday, July 4, 2014

"Bob the Bunny, and Pals"

Clearly I have too much time on my hands. Anyway here's our dear Comrade "Bob the Bunny" with his pals. Let's see there's Einstein Darwin Barbie, and Elvis.

Where or how Bob came to know all these esteemed personages I don't have a clue. Hey I don't butt into his personal life.  

He always pays his rent on the rabbit hutch in the yard on time. He don't play his stereo loud rarely has big crazy parties, and is helpful around the house.

So his bizzness is his bizzness.

Bob tells me that Darwin was both amazed, and pleased to meet a both sentient, and literate Bunny. 

Indeed Charlie, Bob calls him. "Charlie" promised to give Bob a whole chapter in his next book, "Weird Shit I have Discovered".

Well okay besides that Bob the Bunny seems to have some sort of relationship with them Greys. Ya know them Saucer guys from who knows where. 

Anyway I comes home one night, and there's a bunch of them Space Alien guys in my living room watching my "Cosmos" DVD's, and laffing their skinny grey butts off about how 'wrong' it all is.

Bob was passed out behind the couch stoned on some Space dope or something.

 I was going to get pissed, but the Greys had ordered Ribs'n baked beans from "Smokies", and invited me to dig in, and join the party...what the hell.

I took some shots of Bob with them Space guys, but they didn't come out. Well they did say they wouldn't, but I had to try.

Here's Bob again during his Elvis sighting.

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