Saturday, July 12, 2014

"The Next Round"

Well Palestine, and Israel are at it again. Yeah yeah it's a mistake to even bring this up. One is heart-broken at the murderous madness of it all. These guys are addicted to blood. Neither will give an inch, and both have "Gawd" on their side.

Even worse they have Holy Scripture to prove it.  

So their totally fucked. Once the rubes think their doing that Bastard's Will there's 'No' Crime they won't commit.  With the Boss of Bosses giving the nod to Hell on Earth "Look Out!!"

What was the Holocaust, but a continuation of the Medieval Religious Wars mixed in with the ancient anti-Jewish Blood Libel that they killed that Jesus guy...I always thought it was the Romans.

Okay we'll see where this "round" goes.

"You kill my kids, I kill your kids."

My pals are mostly anti-Israeli. To me that smacks of Jew Hate. Okay yeah yeah they say that's 'Not' where they're at...,yes yes I know.

'But ya has to understand me.

See for someone in my generation born at the end of WW2 I see, and hear shit real different. The Camps,...I mean "THE CAMPS!" were liberated just a few years ago when I was a kid. That whirlwind from Hell was a formative thing for a lot of us. I grew up surrounded by the survivors.

All of the Jewish adults in my life had those green numbers tattooed on their arms. 

I remember some of the numbers were done by hand so were in script others seems like a machine did it. They were a kind of medium to dark turquoises green, but sometimes fading to a kind of blue. Turning blue I guess with the years.

So my dear comrades this all this is not remote not out of a book or TV documentary history to me. It's a living thing. 

To me, and a generation of both Jews, and thoughtful Goy,(...hey I was a full-time Sabbos Goy as a kid).  To me, and others of the time Israel was the Hope. Now how it got started all the fighting, and death, and the grand loss of land by the Palestinians. I didn't understand as a youngster.

All I knew was that there was finally a safe place for the Jewish people. 

Tell ya a story...a vignette. In Harlem back in the early-mid 20th century there was a Black Jewish Community in Harlem. They were well known at the time, and very respected.

My Mom lived near them as a young girl. She told me of one day seeing their Chief Rabbi  walking down Lenox Avenue in the middle of the street. He was dazed, and weeping.

Well there was a to-do..cops ambulance all that. What had happened was that he had just been given evidence of what the Nazi's were doing to Jews in Europe. This was 1938. Most didn't know or didn't believe or chose not to believe.

You know how that goes.

Anyway it was too much for him, and he went weeping into the street. My Mom told me this, and other things so I would understand what hatred can do not just to people, but to whole countries.

Does this excuse the mad polices of

Do the cruelties of Israel to the Palestinians justify their revenge

However does it make all the violence understandable..yes.

Israel...the Jewish Nation feels in it core it's bones it's soul that it can 'never' be at the mercy of anyone else...not ever again. It can't afford to care what the world thinks of it. 

They only have to lose 'one' war to be blotted from History.

Palestine feels 'exactly precisely'  the same here we are. The next round.

Stay tuned.


  1. Now when I hear news from Israel/Palestine the images you gave of your Brooklyn neighbors after WWII with those numbers on their arms as well as the images of Israeli Diplomats who came to our university to have a conference. Those men in their shark skin suits were determined to the max "never again". What an awful situation over there that is.

  2. As I've often said here, and on the air. Both sides are addicted to blood, revenge. Reason compassion for each other forgiveness, and mercy never enter into it for either. Also if Palestine had an Air Force, and Divisions of Tanks they'd use both in a Brooklyn Heartbeat to tear Israel a thousand bloody new ones. So it's not as the cartoon shows a battle between the innocent, and the mostly never is in history...mostly.

  3. This is an old exchange so you'll probably never read this but I want to tell you that if your friends who are "anti-Israeli*" are anything like myself and the people I know well enough to speak for, it not only is not "Jew hate" but suspecting it of being that is a real problem.

    The asterisk was because I don't know if you meant to specify anti *Israeli* as opposed to anti Israel - speaking for myself and the aforementioned others, it's Israel the regime we're opposed to - being anti-Israeli would be about the citizens.

    You say "kay yeah yeah they say that's 'Not' where they're at...,yes yes I know." but clearly this doesn't dissuade you that it isn't Jew hate. I'm not here to get on your case about suspecting that because if you truly do then you honestly believe it's likely to be so - that's a problem because something(s) led you to be so inclined to suspect even your friends of hating Jews.

    It's also a problem because there are so many people like myself (and hopefully your friends) and the more people are inaccurately thought of as being hateful/bigoted, the less credence people come to give these assertions/suspicions. Most people will have kneejerk reactions and a vocal portion will suspect that the accusations are knowingly false and being used to dismiss legitimate criticism.

    I don't think that's what's happening in most cases, I think most people are genuine, but most people think most people are untrustworthy dishonest villains or fools - it's a fallacy that bugs the hell out of me but that's how it is. What I'm saying is that it hurts things all around.

    Engage people and find out if it's Jew hate or not, it'll put your mind at ease and it will avoid playing into the hands of those who say "They call you anti-Semitic to shut down anti-Israel criticism".