Friday, July 4, 2014

"The Peoples Radio Station"

The below is a parody of what that radio station I wasted decades at is reduced to. A swell time is had by all I think. Anyway the names are changes so the guilty won't sue me.

This is a mash of a rather specific ethnic race nut program that seems never to go away.

Welcome to..."IT BE LIKE DAT!"

A Program of the Kummunity!

(...Aw man I hate when liberals let radical nutters get away with their nasty crap. 'But digress already.)

Where were we...right the nutters race nut show.


Our special guest Brother Kokomo 37 "X" can't be with us tonight. He's under observation at the "Ed Koch Nut House for the Criminally Annoying".

Seems the good Brother went, and beheaded, and Sodomized a Giraffe at the Bronx Zoo.

It's alleged he also ate all the gold fish in the wading pond too!

Clearly a frame up by the racist Feds if ever there was one! Despite this effort at oppression. Our revolutionary resolve is 'not' dampened!

In place of Brother Kokomo we have Queen Dubteppia Frankenstein. The famed author of "Die you Racist MoFo, You Mama is Next!"

Sister Frankenstein will read from her new cook book "White People, Enemy or Lunch?'

Stay Tuned.

Ya know we actually do have shows like this. Also before ya get started I'm of the Negro orientation. Anyway in fact this is a close parody of a specific weekly program on Which btw is in it's 54th years as a progressive station. My gawd how we've fallen.

These characters doing the show in question regularly put on common criminals as revolutionary political prisoners.

For years the engineers at called the thing "The Cop Killer Show".  

I recall engineering an episode..this just before I was retired. I remember some maniac saying on the air that he didn't care about all the children that were slaughtered at "Sandy Hook".

Said this revolutionary nut job..."Dead white children is of no concern to us."


I spoke with the producer after the program as well as the offending nutter. An apology had to be broadcast as soon as possible.

Our hero's refused to do so.  

Said our righteous nutter, "...all white people including their children are the enemy."


Reminds me of what Malcolm X  once said.

"Racism is a contagious mental illness. It makes both it's perpetrators, and victims insane." 


Btw them race nuts got away without apologizing to anyone. They're still on the air weekly spreading their poison. I think I see why that station is always broke.

Aw I'm just joshing around we all just loved each other over there to bleeping pieces. Anyway yeah there's tons of swell stuff at the problem is ya has to look for it.

I love that dump which is why I still bother to be pissed off at it. This as all of our weary abused listeners know all too well!

Btw that's my design for the station's last t-shirt up above there...ahem. I'm just saying just is all.

Stay Tuned.


  1. But Sydney, I don't think there should be discussion of this one ME conflict near fund raising time.

  2. Yeah, they have those kind of crazies on the left coast too. It was sort of bemusing some years ago to hear a black racist insist on the air that it's inherently impossible for black people to be racist. Berkeley has a penchant for coddling that mentality.

    BTW, for what it's worth, I'm told by those who ponder these things that radio is one of those technologies that have a fair shot at surviving the incipient collapse of industrial civilization. Apparently vacuum tubes can be made using technology that would have been well within the capabilities of a 13th Century alchemist; it's just a matter of someone taking the trouble to conserve that particular knowledge. So maybe some of your best rants can be preserved for posterity. Just make sure to lay them down on wax cylinders or vinyl; CDs and other high-tech electronics won't cut it.