Monday, May 1, 2017


For a year now you French by the tens of thousands came here to watch me fall to pieces. Yes others from the world are also entertained. However the French are here in great thousands everyday.

Thousands of page-views everyday. Tens of thousands monthly.

A mystery.

'Waiting for me to die before you? Waiting for my final act? You who say nothing, but just watch.

Have you elected your Nazi hero Marine Le Pen yet?

'...the dolls above symbols of your greatest self-inflicted fear.

I am so weary of so much.

"I am trapped in this life,...they won't let me go"

I made this a few years ago while in therapy. I gave it away to my doctor. I meant for the bird to be flying over dark, and burning landscapes. My true reality. However my inner self took over, and moved my hands to make the colors of false hope you see.

Even our souls lie to us.

"All that I was, and Am"