Friday, May 29, 2015


Dear Mr. President.

Respectfully. You useless Fucking Pussy. To say you were a Disappointment to us, and indeed the whole damned World is an understatement.

Not only were you a Balless Wonder at being that agent of Change...even with all of the power of an American Presidency behind you. You turned out to be triply useless as a War President.

Like the time your Dick fell Off when you seemed to confront the genocide in Syria. Which led to the formation of the Isis maniacs you also are doing nothing about.

I sincerely hope they find a DVD somewhere of you fucking goats this would be the proper end of your sorry appearance on the world stage.

Every day we're treated to scenes of men women, and now children beheaded shot torture buried alive or otherwise getting the Medieval treatment.

All we get from you is, "...No Boots on the Ground."

That, and you're playing golf.

Yeah I know it's infinitely  more complex than do you yet you do nothing. You seem just to want to get out write your book, and go back into obscurity.

History is 'Not' going to be kind to you pal.

Goodbye, and bleeping Good Riddance.

Yours in Eternal Disappointment, and Contempt,


(Btw, I sent you $50. Bucks when you first ran when I was Houseless. I'd like it the Fuck Back!) 

"And Another Thing!"

 My Dear Mr. President,

Besides everything else your Dog! is Ugly as Hell!! For Christ's sakes he has Webbed Feet! What the Fuck were you thinking?!

Would it have killed you to get a damned Beagle?!!




June is Queer Pride Month,...for some. Mostly for the "Straight~Gay" stroller pushers. However I'd like to re-claim it for 'ALL' Queers Sissies Sexual Outlaws, and assorted  gleeful Weirdos.

You know the Perverts that were the ones actually engaged in the Revolutionary Revolt, and Riot at the Stonewall?

This is for them Bless their Swishy Boy Loving Finger Nail Painted Gown wearing Outlaw Hearts!

Stay Tuned.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

"The Oath of a Knight"

Be without fear in the face of your enemies.

Be brave honest generous, and kind.

Oppose evil in all of it's forms.

Shun what is easy. Embrace what is right.

Respect women.

Safeguard the helpless.

Respect the many Faiths.

Beware of Pride the source of all error.

Now in the name of G-d the founder of Dreams. She who filled the "Well of Forever" with Souls, and put smiles on the lips of the unborn.

In the name of She who painted the Void with Fire, and Hope. 

In that Name!

'And the names of Saint Michael, and Saint George the slayer of Dragons. You are Consecrated, rise a Knight, and assume your Responsibilities.

(This is from a story I wrote some years ago. It's the final section, and stands alone fine.  Feel free to use it when the opportunity arises to Knight a worthy Soul.)

Stay Tuned.

"Man in the Moon"


"Once upon a time", long ago when milk was delivered in bottles, and cars had fins. I used to spend my summers with my Aunt Josey. My "Aunt" or I should say my Grand Aunt Josey, 'cause she was my Grandma's sister, had a little house far out in the country. She was a sweet Soul made of equal parts of kindness, and patients..

She was the one that taught me that there's good in everyone no matter how they may seem on the outside. She also said that all the animals have souls, and go to heaven. No matter what they say in church.

I loved my Aunt Josey.

I remember one time we were up late. After reading my palm we sat listening to old 1930's records on her Victrola.  I loved the old time music, and I loved being with Aunt Josey.

About that palm reading she read mine a lot. She gently held my hand closely examining my various "life lines." It would be as if she were reading some strange book that told of all my life had in store.

She'd look at my palm, then look at me, look at my palm again, and take a breath. All as if to say,.."You have a serious life on the way!" Fortunately I was a child innocent, and full of grace.

My nasty cynical side still slept. So all I did was giggle as Aunties fingers traced the lines of my life to come.

She could read tea leaves too.

She came from an era where the acknowledgement of other realities, other realms of being were taken for granted. This decades before Oprah.

But to the story. As I said it was very late.

After we'd put the records away my Aunt Josey took me by the hand, and led me through the kitchen, and out to the backyard.

The night was warm, and sweet smelling.

There was a gentle breeze , and a sky full of stars! Fireflies bobbed, and blinked above the grass.

There was a stillness, a quiet that covered everything that night. Like snow,..summer snow. Aunt Josey, and I sat on the back porch, and enjoyed that magical night, many years ago.

After a time she looked down at me, and said, "Sidney,..everyone in the world is asleep except for you, and me."

I looked up at her, she smiled. "Yes", she said, "Their all asleep."

"We're the only ones in the whole wide world looking at the stars, feeling the wind or talking to each other." "All of the animals, all the birds, all the fish underneath the sea, and all the people even your Mommy, and Daddy are asleep, and dreaming now.

Holding me close, and looking up at the stars Aunt Josey said, "We're the last ones, the last ones in the whole wide world,..that are still awake."

The Moon, the bright orange summer Moon was large in the sky.

"You see" ..."See." "The Moon has come close to kiss the world good night."

"The whole sleeping world." "It's come to kiss us good night too."

The Moon, the smiling "Man in the moon" filled our sky, and told us it was time to rest, time to sleep. Aunt Josey picked me up, and took me to my room. She tucked me into bed, and helped me say my prayers. She kissed me good night, and went off to here own room.

In a little while, in a very little while both she, and I joined the Sleeping, Dreaming World.

Stay Tuned.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

"Plop Plop Fiz Fiz"

Ya know this bleep don't look good at all!  Comrade Noel Coward may have a point with that song of his. Though it ain't coming around the damned corner.

It's coming through the front door!

Stay Tuned.


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

"Oh yeah well Bleep you Too!"

Well I got some mail from the dreaded "Department of Old Farts" today. Happily they didn't want me to mail them a "stool sample" this time.
Instead they sent me a wad of papers. 

A steaming heaping pile of confusing mistake inducing gibberish pages for me to read, and sign.

It starts out, "...It has come to our attention that you may 'still' be alive, and not kicked the bucket as scheduled."

"If this is so you probably want us to keep feeding you, and giving you Meds. Unfortunately regulations still force us to keep your worthless butt alive, and a drain on the economy."

If alive check "Yes", if almost alive check "Sorta".

It went on like this for '35 pages'...yeah you read right!

'Thirty five' scary threatening pages. Which had to be signed by me or whoever has the gleeful job of polishing my bedpan.

In fact this bleep is an "improvement". 

They used to make you crawl down to their office to in person prove you were breathing. However the mortality rate for that trip was starting to look embarrassing.

So now we can mail it in. As the digital generation ages it'll be online.

Hey sorry for still breathing you evil bleeping bleep bleeps. I'll try to drop dead before the next fiscal year.

Your evil hearts should explode in your stingy chests.

'Of course I mean all this in a nice way.

Stay tuned.

*To the Dept. of "Old Farts Legal Div."

From the "Pink Pony Asylum for Old Queers"

 Our "guest" Mr. Smith is 108 years old, and a retired Army nuclear bomb frosting taster. Any statements he may have made criticizing your Department is the result of radiation dementia, his weird sense of humor, and a generally bad attitude.

Of course we have sent you Mr. Smith's brain kidney, and stool samples you requested. This was not a problem as he sleeps 23 hours a day, and naps the rest of the time. If you would like any other portion of Mr. Smith please don't hesitate to contact us.

We at the "Pink Pony" are always happy to assist Homeland Security, and any other branch of our Federal Government.

Respectfully, Edward Goebbels, no relation, Director.

"Be at Peace"

Monday, May 25, 2015

"He was my Brother"

Miramar National Cemetery's first casket burial salutes Army medic, vets advocate.

A longtime leader in San Diego's military veterans community on Thursday became the first person to be buried in a casket at the new Miramar National Cemetery.

John Smith died of heart failure Jan. 30 in his Spring Valley home. He was 62.
Smith, who had been an Army medic with the 1st Air Cavalry during the Vietnam War, was honored by about 200 friends and family members, including his widow, said Kirk Leopold, the cemetery director.

Smith was one of the founders of "Stand Down," an annual event that provides services to homeless veterans. He also helped launch the organization now known as Veterans Village of San Diego.

"Wherever you went in San Diego, John was there to help," Leopold said.

Roger Brautigan, the secretary of the California Department of Veterans Affairs, called Smith a leader in every veterans group in the county.

During the War my Brother, and his buddies would fly into Hell grab out the wounded, and get them the hell out'a there. He, and his gang were shot down 'twice', but got their charges the badly wounded to safty anyway.

They got a couple of buckets of medals for all that. Not that anyone at home at the time cared. However time, and the passing of that evil war evened things out. 

Now at last he, and his pals are honored.

Stay Tuned.

"Now What?!"

Ashin Wirathu is mentioned on the cover story of Time magazine as "The Face of Buddhist Terror" on 20 June 2013. "You can be full of kindness and love, but you cannot sleep next to a mad dog," Wirathu said, referring to Muslims.

"If we are weak," he said, "our land will become Muslim."  Referring to Muslim violence and domination in neighboring nations, Wirathu worries about a similar fate for BurmaWirathu claims that his Muslim opponents labeled him the "Burmese Bin Laden" after the Time article incorrectly reported he described himself in this manner.

He said he "abhorred violence" and "opposes terrorism". Wirathu has also expressed admiration for, and a desire to follow the example of the English Defense league. A far right nationalist group.

Wirathu openly blamed Muslims for instigating the recent violence. Wirathu said Burma's Muslims are being financed by Middle Eastern forces: "The local Muslims are crude and savage because the extremists are pulling the strings, providing them with financial, military and technical power."

He has called for restrictions on marriages between Buddhists and Muslims, and for boycotts of Muslim-owned businesses.


What the fuck is this shit?

Ain't stuff bad enuff without bleeping Buddhist Nazis running around mouthing off. I used to think that "Buddhist, and Terror" would never show up in the same sentence. Now we got mobs of these guys, and Muslims trying the wipe each other out.

What did I do go to sleep, and wake up in Superman's Bizarro World?!

What the hell's next, "Catholic Nuns for the Euthanasia of the Poor?" The Pope for "Man Boy Love?!" wait he did that already.  Ahem.

The bleeping Pentagon for "Universal Disarmament?"

I'm going back to bed...maybe I'll wake up in a nicer timeline.

Stay Tuned.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

"News From America"

 A white police officer who fired 34 shots at an unarmed black couple in 2012 has been acquitted of manslaughter in Cleveland.

Michael Brelo, 31, was found not guilty of two counts of involuntary manslaughter for the deaths of Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams on 29 November 2012.

The seven-year veteran was one of 13 officers who fired a total of 137 rounds, killing the couple after a 20-mile high speed chase.

Prosecutors said the officers mistook the noise of the car backfiring for gunfire.  (CNN)


"Well oops."

"Sorry folks we thought your engine noise was the sound of guns fired at so we had to pump 137 bullets into your face."

"Umm, additional 34 by the good officer Brelo...again sorry."

"Hey shit Happens." 

"Of course if you were a white couple or a white male juvenile drunk on the weekend that we had to chase. Naturally we would not have fired a shot."

"Black people are dangerous, and generally suspicious. So you see our position. We 'had' to shoot you. It's just how it is. Anyway sorry you're all dead now with over 100 bullets all over you." 

"Ya gotta understand Police work is dangerous."

"Anyway there it is."

Stay Tuned.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

"...Fuck No!"

Isis is moving forward everybody else is in retreat or ignoring the whole mess. These maniacs have the whole Syrian border closed off, and have captured an ancient Roman town also in Syria.

Several hundred statues, and assorted antiquities have be taken to safety.  Given the Isis habit of destroying such things for g-d.

The regional powers are doing very little to stop these lunatics. They expect us to come charging in to save their worthless bacon, excuse the expression. Obama having just got us out of two Wars to help these ungrateful shits sez "...Fuck no!"

"You worthless bastards have to look after you're own shit from now on."

So the world will likely gain an Islamic North Korea to add to the general fun of the region.

Speaking of North Korea they just shot their Defense Minister the other day. They did him like the last bunch. They shot him to pieces with several 20mm anti-aircraft guns.

This is like shooting a lady bug with a shot gun.

Not much left after that. Also these nutters say they "won't use" their pop-gun "might not work" Nukes unless they're "forced" to.


Okay we'll wait, and see.

Maybe the Dodgers not getting the Pennant might be enough to set them guys off. All in all things in the world are as to be expected. Insane greedy short sighted...did I say "insane" leaders drag us to the bleeping brink.

Otherwise everything is fine.

Stay Tuned.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

"Peace Love Beauty all that happy Jazz"

"Guns, & Dinos"

Don't was just another of my seriously weird science fiction time travel dreams. I get them a lot.

It's probably a reaction to them new weird Meds they're shove'n down my gut.

Stay Tuned.


I mostly don't know what day it is. After a while I look up the weather, and time of month. Also my appointments at the hospital,...that's enough.

Being retired means you don't have to give a fuck about 'anything'. I could stand in one spot all day, and all night if I like.

'Or not get out of bed at all. 

 It's Heaven Hell, and Cleveland all rolled into one.

Stay Tuned.

Monday, May 18, 2015

"Secular Saints"

The above are paintings of unrecognized secular 20th, and 21st century Saints. The portraits were done by Brother Robert Lentz, OFM.

The first is Harvey Milk then Steven Biko, Dorothy Day MLK, and Black Elk. Last is the 21st Century Christ behind the wire.

 Stay Tuned.


I mean we've tried everything else. So like "what's-his-name" said why don't we give this deal a frigging chance. I mean look if it fucks up we can always go back to chopping off heads, and burning children's win win.

Stay the fucked Tuned.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

"You Tell'em Kid!"

I should stash this on my Queer page "Dragonfly" see link on the lower right side. Yeah, but bleep it here is as good as anywhere. Trans folks of which I was sort of one as a Grandma used to dress me up,...and I really dug it.

Here's the deal. About a Hundred years ago progressive head-shrinkers came up with boxes to put all us perverts in. Homosexuals Lesbians Door Knob Fuckers Panty Smellers, and swell stuff like that.

Yeah, and at time as I say it was an improvement. I mean there was all that "Third Sex" stuff "Uranians" "Martians", and assorted crap like that. Basically were were scaring the horses by our gleeful behavior.

Well like I sez that was 100+ years ago.

Time for a change...ya think.

Look hold on to your panty hose, but here's the real deal. There's 7 Billions of us rampaging around this sad tired planet these days. Did you get that, "...SEVEN BILLIONS".

Wow impressive..were like Virus there's no stopping us!


So since were thinking in higher math now we have to see that's who we are.

"7 Billions!!!" 

Seven Billions of orientations "Seven Billions of Genders", and "7 Billions" of choices in Ice Cream Flavors too!

That's just the facts of Life around here Comrades.

We, and all of our animal pals are Amazing in our varied modes of behavior.  Ha! ...again.

A big leap forward from them that think there's only "one" orientation, and just "two" sexes.  Sure might have made a sort of primitive sense in the Iron Age when some jerk living in a cave who fucked mice thought it up.

However shit's a bit different now. Just ask Stephen Hawking.

So get with the Program, and enjoy your choice of the Seven Billions of Flavors.

What the fuck more could you want?!!


Stay Tuned.

"Love, and be Loved in Return"

Friday, May 15, 2015

"This Just In!"

"X-Files" is coming back for a limited run later this year on Fox. Our old pals "Sculley, and Mulder" were defrosted for this special event, and will bring their roles back from the un-dead.

13 years after the confused ending of the series our two pals that so heartfully believed that the "Truth is Out There" return. They return to what the viewers in the 1990's would have thought was a nightmare world thought up by the "Smoking Man".

Armed troops at our airports trains stations, and checkpoints on our highways. Everyone must have I.D. Your bags, and you very person can legally be searched.

Passports are denied to certain persons you can be arrested, and held without charge. You can be sent to secure unlisted places of detention. You can actually be tortured there while in custody. 

Not only that, but that episode in the "Lone Gunman" where a plane tries to slam into the World Trade Center really happened.

So they're trying to fit "X-Files" into a world that has caught up with, and passed the series. The only thing that ain't happened in all these years is them damned Aliens eating us all. 

...well okay this should be interesting. We'll be watching.

Stay Tuned.

"Jackson gets Boot..Black Lady gets In!"

There consideration among the Feds to change the image on our $20 Dollar Bill. Andrew Jackson has had the chair for maybe 60 years or so time for a change.

Currently Harriet Tubman is in the lead. I wanted Walt Whitman or maybe Allen Ginsberg. However it's time a woman got the chair. So Harriet Tubman abolitionist, and leader of the Underground Railroad which led slaves to freedom in the North is the likely candidate.

I hope they use something like the image above. Harriet with her famous Navy Colt at the ready to keep runaway Slaves safe!

They'll probably use a "safe" image like the above knowing them wonks as we do. Anyway it's still a kind of progress..sort of like Obama getting elected.  That's how it is in this country.

Slow painfully slow compromised half hearted small changes. This is why things that should happen at once take 50 or 60 years. Compromise, and slow change is why our system doesn't fall into another Civil War or Revolution.

Actually I have to agree...I don't like it one bit, but yeah it seems to work in a way.

Stay Tuned.



Went to the hospital yesterday, and day before going back Monday. They're trying to find out why my tummy is a wreck..why the vertigo, and all that fun stuff. Also did more impressions for my dentures while there.

I told them I was "...Sick of being sick."

I have some new Meds..we'll see. otherwise I'm swell...Eckkk.

Don't worry this won't stall the Pod project. I'm buying equipment when I have money again at the beginning of the month. Ah swell the finances of old farts.

Hey I have a roof food, high speed connection, and a sentient Bunny, and Bear for company...what more could one want beside maybe a Sky Blue 1924 Bugatti...with life time free maintenance. Umm, maybe a few miles of nice Beach Front property,...with 'no' tax leans on it too.

Stay Tuned.

"Eh,...not so fast"

Okay the cast of characters in this latest of American Greek Drama's.
Michael Graham Anderson Cooper, and the Mother of the Year...Toya Graham.

The kid, Michael is a resentful hoodlum like almost 'every' teenage boy is. They 'all' except for the sensitive, and Gay pass through it regardless of color. Okay okay some Queer teens are nuts too.


His Mother Toya is trying to save Michal's life...may have succeeded too.

Now Cooper is your typical well meaning, ...hey I like'em , opportunistic white journalist...could be worse. He could be a racist white opportunistic "Fox" journalist. In this country we have to work with what we got. Anyway as you may have watched Anderson put this whole thing on his CCN program...Google it.

Young Michael in this shot is thinking..."Fuck this shit...embarrassing me in front of all my friends. My name is total shit on the street now."

Whereas he could have got the prized arm load of sneakers like his friends. The thing about young males is that their brains are not actually finished growing. The part about understanding 'consequences' isn't there yet...ask any doctor or child psychiatrist.

This is why they make such good soldiers.

Heck I might have been out there too if I were 15 or 16. It was exciting fun thrilling, and a bonding experience with battle for young soldiers. No real villain here except the circumstances that put them in the street or battle in the first place.


Any parent would have kicked the crap out of their kid if they saw them with a hoddie'n mask on, and running around with what looked like looters. That's why Mrs. Graham freaked, and grabbed him out of there.

In my life I've always wondered why people were given a pass on mass stealing, and arson because they're fucked over, and oppressed. I'm poor Black been attacked several times in my youth. Nearly killed once when I was 13. I mean beaten to death by a gang of white kids on Broad Channel.
A bus driver pulled up got me out of my life. I think I told that story here or on the air. While on the ground waiting to be finished off I wasn't thinking "I could fix this by looting some drug stores".

As for the gutted shops in these traditional dramas...the insurance may cover some of that. Meanwhile the Black community it's in will have to find another Drug store Supermarket Shoe store etc. Yeah that'll show'em. At the very least another strategy may be called for,,,ya think?

Bottom line.

Michael gets to grow up, and find his way in the world. Get that,...finish growing up, and not be "Freddie Gray", That's what his mother was thinking. She said that to the press. She feared he'd be another Freddie shot down by the police.
So she acted as every mother would.

...the Drama continues.

Stay Tuned.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Hi gang sorry I haven't been posting regularly for a while now. Issues of health are mostly to blame...hey sue me alright! However I came around to tell you that "Pod-casting" project is finally moving along.

I have a site domain name equipment coming in, and tech help from pals. So it's actually happening. I'm very happy about all this. It should be fun, and I'd like all of you to join in, and listen.

The "Podding Day'' as we call it will be my birthday July 9th, 2015.  Mind you the date may move about as I want as many of my old radio pals to be on hand as can make it.

So pay attention for date changes. As for the site it's there now with several posts, and a video up already. If you want to have a look or comment please go to:

There are no sound files posted yet. That comes in July. Also I'll let you know when we're on live so you can just come over, and listen. ...trying to figure a phone hook up for calls.

So that's it for now be good to each other. 

Be back soon.

Oh, btw it's Chinese now that are reading this page in throngs...?

Stay Tuned.