Friday, May 15, 2015

"Jackson gets Boot..Black Lady gets In!"

There consideration among the Feds to change the image on our $20 Dollar Bill. Andrew Jackson has had the chair for maybe 60 years or so time for a change.

Currently Harriet Tubman is in the lead. I wanted Walt Whitman or maybe Allen Ginsberg. However it's time a woman got the chair. So Harriet Tubman abolitionist, and leader of the Underground Railroad which led slaves to freedom in the North is the likely candidate.

I hope they use something like the image above. Harriet with her famous Navy Colt at the ready to keep runaway Slaves safe!

They'll probably use a "safe" image like the above knowing them wonks as we do. Anyway it's still a kind of progress..sort of like Obama getting elected.  That's how it is in this country.

Slow painfully slow compromised half hearted small changes. This is why things that should happen at once take 50 or 60 years. Compromise, and slow change is why our system doesn't fall into another Civil War or Revolution.

Actually I have to agree...I don't like it one bit, but yeah it seems to work in a way.

Stay Tuned.



  1. I think the new bill should have Tawana Brawley's boobs on it. That's what every real American wants to see. It would express the true spirit of our great nation.


  2. There should be a statue on the National Mall to dear Tawana. Because as Malcolm X said "...Racism makes it's perpetrators, and victims both Insane"

    The Tawana Brawley circus was an act only possible in America.

    Our history of Sex Lies Race, and Accusations. Something that sent generations of Southern Black men, and Boys to the Lynching Tree dragged by murderous Mobs. Tawana was just playing that card for one of the first times in reverse.

    Imagine if she were an nutty white teen girl instead of a black one. The persons she accused would have been hanging before sundown.

    Innocent or not.

    Though in those cases usually innocent. Any black man or boy at that time would know fooling around with a white girls would be suicide.

    Ain't we got fun?

  3. Oh dear, oh dear. Well I guess a crisis of conscience is not what we want on our money, but rather something that expresses the true spirit of the age. Kim K's nether cheeks, perhaps?

    Personally, I'd be happy with Harriet, revolver or no revolver. I just hope the value of the currency remains stable.