Friday, May 1, 2015


  1. Why the hell couldn't we have kept him out of Afghanistan in the first place?

    We gotta quit making "Killer Boys". NO WAR! MONUMENT - The Late WILL McBRIDE - BERLIN

  2. Sydney,
    I just discovered "For Lukas" on your other page "Dragon Fly". Yes, I would love to have my back yard and trees filled with flag flying boys like that.

    And, excuse me for posting as Linca. I keep forgetting that I am Lukas.
    Lukas .. sometimes Linca

  3. Yeah Will had a good vision on how to keep boys out of war. You've seen his anti sculpture I'm sure.

    Linca welcome.

    The "Flag Boy" was the cover for a book I did in the 1970's. My how our little decades do fly.

  4. As for the Maori Warrior Chat,...I'm as intrigued by the warrior tradition as I am horrified by it. As I said I'm one of the "last" of the old generations "Sexual Outlaw Warriors". ....and Warriors we were.

  5. I'm sorry to hear that Will McBride has died. He had the right idea about keeping boys out of war.

    I've heard that many samurai were queer warriors, but I don't think that's quite what you had in mind. The kind of warrior I think you must have in mind is not a stroller-pusher who wants to be in the military, but something quite different.


  6. Yes. Different indeed. I fear the stroller pusher would join up with faith in the government to tell him or her the truth. I respect that though it's profoundly deluded.

    We were soldiers in a Great Cultural Revolution that still continues. Our arms were our voices Souls, and thoughtful actions. Also a lot of mimeo printing ink posters songs, and facing off Cops.

    I remember the first time I was in a demo, 1971, that was charged by the police. I guess this was my Red Badge of Courage Moment. I was cracked on the back of the head...yeah hit from behind. Unsporting that among warriors.

    I was with the "Gay Liberation Front" then.

    In those days everybody was a Sexual Outlaw, and we were it's Peoples Militia. What a time we had. The outcome is what's going on now. Outward acceptance. However clearly it ain't over yet. The Stroller Pushers are oblivious to that.

    G-ddess have pity on them.

    Meanwhile we continue to work for a somewhat saner world. One that includes not only free tuition, but maybe that fabled "Free Lunch" too!