Monday, May 18, 2015

"Secular Saints"

The above are paintings of unrecognized secular 20th, and 21st century Saints. The portraits were done by Brother Robert Lentz, OFM.

The first is Harvey Milk then Steven Biko, Dorothy Day MLK, and Black Elk. Last is the 21st Century Christ behind the wire.

 Stay Tuned.


  1. Why the fuck isn't Harry Hay on this list along with Saint Allen Ginsberg just to name two who come to mind? And Samuel R. Delany? Huh?

  2. Probably because those guys are radical sexual outlaws who can't credibly be recruited to the stroller-pusher cause. Haloes wouldn't suit them, I fancy. I'm not sure Harvey M's fits him all that well.

    Funny how no one talks much about Steven Biko any more. He was a true hero - which of course is why he was killed.

    Ken Saro-wiwa, anyone? Another forgotten martyr.


  3. True the artist should have thought further out of the box than he did. "E" for effort though. Me i would have included the heroes you mentioned, but also other more unlikely candidates.

    "Rin-Tin-Tin" "Lassie" "Groucho Marx", and possibly "Bugs Bunny".

    "Groucho" for obvious reasons. The others for their teaching basic decency to millions of impressionable kiddies. True the dogs are fictional characters, and "Bugs" doesn't even physically exist.

    Neither do a number of church so-called saints. So I don't see a canonization problem there. Anyway it's high time we had other species, and fictional characters as Saints.

    They'd be seriously popular, and would go a long way towards pulling Holy Mother Church back into reality.

    If nothing else it would just be a cool thing for the guys to do.

    Hell if I was the bleeping Pope I would'a done this the first week.

    Right after i said "...Look it turns out most of this jazz is total Bull Shit. Bottom line just be kind, and generous to each other...I'll be back with more in a few guys chill, and don't do nothing too nuts till then. ...Amen.