Monday, May 18, 2015


I mean we've tried everything else. So like "what's-his-name" said why don't we give this deal a frigging chance. I mean look if it fucks up we can always go back to chopping off heads, and burning children's win win.

Stay the fucked Tuned.


  1. BTW Sidney, you might wanna know that that photo showing the kids in a cage with a flaming torch in the foreground may not have been what it appeared. From articles I found online, it seems they were participating in a protest held in the Syrian capital, Aleppo. The photo subsequently got taken out of context.

    Not that I would put it past those Islamic State fucks to do that, since they're reported to have buried Yazidi children alive. But it appears that in this case those children were *not* burned alive - which is a lot better than the alternative.