Saturday, May 23, 2015

"...Fuck No!"

Isis is moving forward everybody else is in retreat or ignoring the whole mess. These maniacs have the whole Syrian border closed off, and have captured an ancient Roman town also in Syria.

Several hundred statues, and assorted antiquities have be taken to safety.  Given the Isis habit of destroying such things for g-d.

The regional powers are doing very little to stop these lunatics. They expect us to come charging in to save their worthless bacon, excuse the expression. Obama having just got us out of two Wars to help these ungrateful shits sez "...Fuck no!"

"You worthless bastards have to look after you're own shit from now on."

So the world will likely gain an Islamic North Korea to add to the general fun of the region.

Speaking of North Korea they just shot their Defense Minister the other day. They did him like the last bunch. They shot him to pieces with several 20mm anti-aircraft guns.

This is like shooting a lady bug with a shot gun.

Not much left after that. Also these nutters say they "won't use" their pop-gun "might not work" Nukes unless they're "forced" to.


Okay we'll wait, and see.

Maybe the Dodgers not getting the Pennant might be enough to set them guys off. All in all things in the world are as to be expected. Insane greedy short sighted...did I say "insane" leaders drag us to the bleeping brink.

Otherwise everything is fine.

Stay Tuned.


  1. According to John Wight's recent article in Counterpunch, US efforts against IS have been ineffective basically because we're on the wrong side. The only powers in the region that have any stomach for fighting IS are Syria and Iran, the first of which we've been actively attacking for years and the second... well, you know the history there. No way will our rulers be willing to team up with those actors, which is what would probably do the job. Our best buddy in the ME is Saudi Arabia, who are the ones primarily *funding* IS. It's their baby. With this sort of geopolitical background, a few bombs dropped here and there don't make enough difference to matter.

    That the Wahabbist death cultists now control the site of ancient Palmyra appalls me. I dread to hear the news of its destruction. They also have murdered about 400 people in the last couple of days, many of them kids.

    If we want to see what a golden age doesn't look like, now would be a good example.


  2. Hey Sydney, In the region now, across the water in Muscat, Oman, for a month studying Arabic. The folks here are swell.

  3. Oman! Good for you!

    Careful of the customs, but otherwise learn have a swell time, and keep going don't stop...explore the World!

  4. Oh Zaek what a bleeping mess. like you say the only players out there fighting Isis are old enemies of ours. Not likely we'll have a turn around Hitler Stalin deal...excuse the expression.

    Just when ya think this shit can't possibly get worse...we get Buddhist Nazis...great just bleeping great.

    Yeah "Golden Age" this ain't.