Friday, May 15, 2015

"Eh,...not so fast"

Okay the cast of characters in this latest of American Greek Drama's.
Michael Graham Anderson Cooper, and the Mother of the Year...Toya Graham.

The kid, Michael is a resentful hoodlum like almost 'every' teenage boy is. They 'all' except for the sensitive, and Gay pass through it regardless of color. Okay okay some Queer teens are nuts too.


His Mother Toya is trying to save Michal's life...may have succeeded too.

Now Cooper is your typical well meaning, ...hey I like'em , opportunistic white journalist...could be worse. He could be a racist white opportunistic "Fox" journalist. In this country we have to work with what we got. Anyway as you may have watched Anderson put this whole thing on his CCN program...Google it.

Young Michael in this shot is thinking..."Fuck this shit...embarrassing me in front of all my friends. My name is total shit on the street now."

Whereas he could have got the prized arm load of sneakers like his friends. The thing about young males is that their brains are not actually finished growing. The part about understanding 'consequences' isn't there yet...ask any doctor or child psychiatrist.

This is why they make such good soldiers.

Heck I might have been out there too if I were 15 or 16. It was exciting fun thrilling, and a bonding experience with battle for young soldiers. No real villain here except the circumstances that put them in the street or battle in the first place.


Any parent would have kicked the crap out of their kid if they saw them with a hoddie'n mask on, and running around with what looked like looters. That's why Mrs. Graham freaked, and grabbed him out of there.

In my life I've always wondered why people were given a pass on mass stealing, and arson because they're fucked over, and oppressed. I'm poor Black been attacked several times in my youth. Nearly killed once when I was 13. I mean beaten to death by a gang of white kids on Broad Channel.
A bus driver pulled up got me out of my life. I think I told that story here or on the air. While on the ground waiting to be finished off I wasn't thinking "I could fix this by looting some drug stores".

As for the gutted shops in these traditional dramas...the insurance may cover some of that. Meanwhile the Black community it's in will have to find another Drug store Supermarket Shoe store etc. Yeah that'll show'em. At the very least another strategy may be called for,,,ya think?

Bottom line.

Michael gets to grow up, and find his way in the world. Get that,...finish growing up, and not be "Freddie Gray", That's what his mother was thinking. She said that to the press. She feared he'd be another Freddie shot down by the police.
So she acted as every mother would.

...the Drama continues.

Stay Tuned.

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