Friday, May 15, 2015

"This Just In!"

"X-Files" is coming back for a limited run later this year on Fox. Our old pals "Sculley, and Mulder" were defrosted for this special event, and will bring their roles back from the un-dead.

13 years after the confused ending of the series our two pals that so heartfully believed that the "Truth is Out There" return. They return to what the viewers in the 1990's would have thought was a nightmare world thought up by the "Smoking Man".

Armed troops at our airports trains stations, and checkpoints on our highways. Everyone must have I.D. Your bags, and you very person can legally be searched.

Passports are denied to certain persons you can be arrested, and held without charge. You can be sent to secure unlisted places of detention. You can actually be tortured there while in custody. 

Not only that, but that episode in the "Lone Gunman" where a plane tries to slam into the World Trade Center really happened.

So they're trying to fit "X-Files" into a world that has caught up with, and passed the series. The only thing that ain't happened in all these years is them damned Aliens eating us all. 

...well okay this should be interesting. We'll be watching.

Stay Tuned.

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